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  1. Montario

    Thorpe Park 2015 - what you would love/hate seeing

    I apologise if there was a thread similar to this since I haven't been active for a few months :? My question is what coaster/flat rides you guys want to see come or go at the start of the 2015 season and in the near future. It could even be some minor alterations to rides already existing. I...
  2. Montario

    Alton Towers February Half Term

    I don't usually ask these sort of questions, I am thinking of making a trip to Alton Towers on the 17th February 2013 before the official opening season. I have never visited the park at that time before, hence my concern.... What are the crowds like comparatively to the actual season? Is it a...
  3. Montario

    Rides that have aged/changed drastically

    I couldn't find a matching/similar topic, please lock if there is one :--D. I want to know from everyone, what rides started off truly well during the first season of operation, but eventually ended up showing notable negative changes or signs of age? I'm asking broadly here, it could be...
  4. Montario

    Intamin Track Dimensions

    I am in the process of planning and designing for a scale model (1:30) of an Intamin mega lite (Piraten). I am struggling however to find the dimensions of Intamin's 2 tube track with cross ties. I was wondering if it looked more like this: The 'height' longer than than the 'base' or: The...
  5. Montario

    'Threshold' (Offride Video released)- Intamin Coaster

    This is my first proper attempt of designing a coaster after getting the feel of NoLimits. It is named 'Threshold', an Intamin coaster variant which as of now is yet to be announced. When finished, it will feature a beyond vertical drop, 5 inversions and should reach speeds close to 90km/h. I...