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  1. Tulum

    Le Pal Opening Atlantica Supersplash Clone In 2021

    So if this layout is remotely true, than this is not an Atlantica clone.
  2. Tulum

    PortAventura | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2023

    I really hope it leaves the building at some point just like the ride at Movie Park does. It gives people an idea what the ride is about and gives you the opportunity to take some pictures.
  3. Tulum

    PortAventura | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2023

    Well, cute. But when Movie Park Germany builds a version of this coaster that is impressive for their budget, Port Aventura better blows our minds with this coaster when they do not invest the money into the layout itself. Some "Inferno" (Cinecitta World) - like effects would be awesome.
  4. Tulum

    TusenFryd | Storm | Gerstlauer Invert | 2023

    Another blue coaster? Aren't they allowed to use colors not matching the sky?
  5. Tulum

    CWOA | Project Amazon (World of Jumanji) | B&M Wing Coaster | 2023

    Can they be any more cryptic? So annoying to have press conferences that leave more questions than answers. New coaster is innovative and unique. Wow. Loading mechanism is a world first. Wow. Argh.
  6. Tulum

    Merlin's 10 Coaster Deal with B&M?

    It would. But to be honest any decent addition to the park would be welcome. That park has to get out of the downward spiral. The rumors of a Hyper in the inner area of Colossus have been around for years.
  7. Tulum

    Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    Really interesting (well, no surprise), but two Batman Coasters? Or will they change the Inverted's name?
  8. Tulum

    Death at Freizeitpark Klotten

    German ZDF Television Station says that the accident happened in a turn when the woman started to slip and later fell out of the train. I guess news outlets just start to reporting what they can report before a thorough investigation. The accident is talk of the day these days.
  9. Tulum

    Mexico Announces Amikoo - Huge new Mayan Theme Park

    While the opening was meant to be 2020, it has gone awfully quiet around the project. Recent updates on the construction cannot be found, though the project hasn't been cancelled officially. Satellite images do not show any major construction work in the area of "Maroma", where the project was...
  10. Tulum

    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Small Update from the park. 1. Sweet Valley: Coasters looks like they are ready to go. The train of the family coaster is parked on the lift hill. Couldn’t see any tests yesterday and today. There are still a lot of unfinished theming scaffolds, especially a big one in the mine train area...
  11. Tulum

    Europa Park | Unknown | Mack Rides BigDipper | 2024

    I agree that the space seems to be small, but EP also said that they will work with bigger water surfaces in new area, so perhaps it is not completely ruled out that the attraction comes to Croatia.
  12. Tulum

    PortAventura | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2023

    I really think it is too early. There is not a lot of space in that area. It boarders to the Western Show which they do not seem to touch. On the other side there is the water park and the parking lot. I would guess that there are three possibilities. 1. A smaller family coaster (which is not...
  13. Tulum

    (Family) Suspended Coaster @ Slagharen

    Those plans are from 2020, so I really think we cannot interpret anything into the layout on the plans.
  14. Tulum

    PortAventura | Unknown | Intamin Unknown | 2023

    I hope PA is sane enough to buy something with a decent capacity. PA is slow already and a Hot Racer with a maximum capacity of about 800 per hour would ‘cause long lines. But perhaps they see a possibility to sell more quick passes. I am very curious, but at the same time not expecting too much.
  15. Tulum

    Parque Warner Madrid | Gotham City Escape | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    I think he claims that the new element is some new kind of Zero G Roll. Reminded me a bit of the Flying Snake Dive on Storm Runner, but who knows what it will exactly look like in the end. My Spanish is solid, my spatial thinking is not.
  16. Tulum

    Fraispertuis City | Projet Storky | Custom RMC Raptor | 2024?

    I don't understand April Fool's jokes that make you look better than you are. In the end you're a park that jokes about building a cool coaster and you end up not having same one, probably because you don't have enough money. The joke is on them then.
  17. Tulum

    COTALAND | Texas | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle (Palindrome) & Vekoma Tilt (Unknown) & Other

    I wonder if they switched the Gerstlauer coaster for this one or if they will still get both.
  18. Tulum

    Merlin announces agreement to open LEGOLAND Korea

    True. Legoland New York basically looks the same, like a temporary installation. The lack of landscaping and lush greenery really makes those parks look dull.
  19. Tulum

    Lotte World Adventure | Busan - South Korea | Theme Park | 2022

    I totally don't get that pre-show. I am not against screens, but the projections overlapping different screens is really unfortunate.
  20. Tulum

    Särkänniemi | 100M euro expansion | including new family coaster

    Looks like a nice project. The area really needs an update. I really wonder where they are going to put the park's parking lot now. The plans also look like they are considering a cable car connection to the city center, perhaps a logical step: no parking lot needed.