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  1. Us3rmane

    Legoland Belgium in Charleroi

    A Belgian newspaper just announced that Merlin Entertainments is interested by a 100 hectares plot of land in Charleroi to build a new Legoland park ! Here is the news...
  2. Us3rmane

    Nigloland | Krampus Expedition | Mack Water Coaster | 2021

    Tonight hosted a livestream doing a recap of a Planet Coaster event they did where the goal was to create the new 2021 ride for Nigloland, everything went nice until Rodolphe Gelis, director of the park appeared, for a surprise video to announce that the park was building a new...
  3. Us3rmane

    [Phantasialand] - New Roller Coaster

    Fug didn't saw the other discussion. Please can a mod delete this one.