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  1. Venom2053

    Why isn't that movie/tv show a ride?

    The Matrix, Wall-e, Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy, Iron man...too name a few :)
  2. Venom2053

    Smoothest coaster?

    Not always true ;) I'd say more specifically most B&M Hypers are smooth. Behemoth, Shamby, and Goliath to name a few.
  3. Venom2053

    Coaster Counter Apps

    Thats funny cause on my 'cheap' Android 'Coaster Cruiser' app works fine ;) Also you could probably build one yourself. Apps are fairly simple to make as long as they dont require any network or server connections. Also considering all you need for it is some simple text editing you could...
  4. Venom2053

    Windseekers closed after riders stuck for hours - update p2

    Re: Windseekers closed after riders stuck for hours - update CW has a bunch of Mondial rides. They have the top spin "Ripetide", spinning disc "Pscylone", and as you said the top spin "Shockwave". Winderseeker is the only one that has had major maintenance problems. It was Cedar Fairs...
  5. Venom2053

    Medusa/Bizarro possibly leaving Great Adventure @ end of '12

    Re: Medusa/Bizarro possibly leaving Great Adventure @ end of I can't see this happening at all -_-
  6. Venom2053

    Cedar Point | "GateKeeper" | B&M Wingrider

    Re: Cedar Point | "Gatekeeper" | B&M Wingrider *UPDATE PAGE It really just dies after the brakes. First half looks great though, to bad it doesn't break a good record. I was kind of hoping for the tallest inversion not some marketing gimmick. Should still be a respectable wingrider. Looking...
  7. Venom2053

    Cedar Point | "GateKeeper" | B&M Wingrider

    Re: Cedar Point | "Unknown" | B&M Wingrider? I love the name, the logo looks good but I'm not too hot on the track color. It looks too much like Leviathan's which work for it cause its a sea serpent...but this is more of a bird of prey or gargoyle. I like the looks of the layout its alot...
  8. Venom2053

    Theme parks where the best ride is not a coaster

    Any Disney Park. They don't have many thrilling coasters to begin with other than Rock'n'Roll Roller Coaster or possibly Expedition Everest.
  9. Venom2053

    Best B&M in Florida

    ^ I found Montu to be quite a rough B&M. Still a good ride though :) 1 Hulk 2 Kumba 3 Kraken 4 DC Blue 5 DC Red 6 Sheikra 7 Montu 8 Manta
  10. Venom2053

    Boy hit by bird on Kingda Ka

    Poor birdy, though it probably wasn't very smart if it was flying so close to the loud fast moving roller coaster.
  11. Venom2053

    Riding Coasters in the Rain

    I just rode Leviathan yesterday front row in the pouring rain. I didn't find it unpleasant at all. If anything it made the ride seem more exciting. I can't say that I've ridden to many coasters in the rain. I tend to avoid going on days like that... though sometimes its unavoidable.
  12. Venom2053

    What are you listening to now?

    Kickapoo - Tenacious D
  13. Venom2053

    Six Flags America |"Apocalypse"| B&M Stand Up

    The theming isn't horrible. The flame is actually pretty cool but the ride itself has to be one of the lamest B&M's I've seen.
  14. Venom2053

    Top 10: 2012 edition

    Umm why is Maverick so low and Leviathan so high ? :( Other than that its a good list. I'm glad to see you got some quality and variety to your top 10, especially those 2 CW Creds.
  15. Venom2053

    Galveston Pier | "Iron Shark"| Gerstlauer Eurofighter

    Not a bad ride. Terrible video though...the girl is super annoying.
  16. Venom2053

    Major Changes for Disney's California Adventure

    Incredible Disney has done it again. That ride is awesome both inside and out. I remember looking at the outside thinking the inside wouldn't be as good or on such a scale but wow they blew me away with the theming. It is alot like Test Track though, is it the same ride system?