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    Walibi Holland TR

    Well I was in Amsterdam for a few days during the week so I made a trip to Walibi Holland. I was also hoping to go to Efteling but didn't have time, anyways sorry there are no pictures as I forgot my camera and my phone was dead :P . So anyways I slept out my early 7am wake-up call, so...
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    Walibi Holland and Efteling?

    Well I'm going to Amsterdam in a weeks time and am most likely going to go to Walibi Holland and I'm also thinking of maybe going to Efteling, so just wondering does anyone have any advise for these parks? Does anyone know if Xpress is still SBNO or is it back open yet? And is there any sort of...
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    Europa Park Questions

    I'm thinking of doing a quick trip to Germany in the middle of June to do Europa Park and Holiday Park but I'm still not fully convinced yet whether to do it or not. I've just a few quick questions about Europa Park; Do many rides have Single Rider Queues? I know Bluefire has one but what about...
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    Twister - Gravity Group Coaster for Grona Lund

    Grona Lund just announced that for 2011 they will be adding a new wooden coaster by the Gravity Group. It looks like it'll be a small family coaster and it's called 'Twister'. ... r/Twister/
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    Thorpe Park - TR

    I've been to Thorpe back in 2008 and had a good day even though Rush, Vortex and Stealth were down! Anyways I wanted to go back as I had yet to do Saw and Stealth. I hadn't much time to spend in the park due to catching a flight in the evening and given that it was a Sunday in July, I opted to...
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    Thorpe Park - Questions

    Well I'll be in London on July 18th which is a Sunday and I'm thinking of going to Thorpe. I know the park will probably be extremely packed but if I do go I'll definitely be buying the Ultimate Fastrack. I've been to Thorpe before but Stealth, Rush and Vortex were all down and Saw wasn't built...
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    Krake - B&M dive machine for Heide Park

    Well I know this has been discussed in the Gardaland topic and the B&M launch topic but I think it should have a topic of it's own. Even though it's still a rumour it sounds pretty likely. And construction fences...
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    "Huracan" - Eurofighter for Belantis, Germany

    I noticed this new Eurofighter on RCDB this morning, supposedly opening this year. Anyways the layout is quite interesting for a Eurofighter. Length: 1837' 3" Height: 105' Inversions: 5 Speed: 52.8 mph Duration: 1:30 Max Vertical Angle: 97 Degrees G-Force: 4.3...
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    Australia- Sea World & Warner Bros Movie World PTR

    EDIT: Warner Bros. Movie World PTR now posted below. Well I never thought I'd be in Australia this year but my mother decided that we'd go around a month ago so obviously I was very excited. The initial plan was to spend the 2 weeks in Sydney so I didn't have much hope of doing any parks but...
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    Improvements coming to Fluch Von Novgorod!

    Well as most people know Fluch Von Novgorod opened without half it's theming. All the theming and the storyline of the ride should be complete when the park reopens next spring. There will also be other improvements made during the off season.
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    2 new S&S launch coasters for Happy Valley Beijing/Shenz

    Screamscape reports that these 2 Happy Valley parks are getting S&S launch coasters: Trips'n'pics also report that they will be 60m tall with a speed of 140km. These are great...
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    Six Flags Great America PTR

    Well I was going to Chicago for a week at the end of August so I was going to spend a day at Six Flags Great America as well. I chose the Thursday 27th to visit the park which unfortunately turned out to be a VERY wet day :( . I kind of expected rain due to the forecast but hoped it would clear...
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    Thorpe Park - Fastrack?

    Well I may be going to London again soon and I am considering going to Thorpe but seeing as it would be in the middle of July in school tour season I expect the place to be packed! If I do go I plan to buy the Ultimate fastrack even though it costs £50 but on their website you can only buy it...
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    Alton Towers Resort 16th-18th June: Big PTR

    Well as I only had 1 park confirmed this year and that is not til August I decided I needed to go somewhere for a day or two in June. It was between Thorpe or Alton, last time I was in Alton was back in 2006 and I went to Thorpe last year. Even though I still haven't been on Stealth (was closed...
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    Europes best themepark/amusement park.

    What do you think is Europes best themepark/amusement park out of my list?
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    Six Flags Magic Mountain or Great Adventure?

    I havnt been to either park but these are two of the parks I want to go to the most. I think I would go to Six Flags Great Adventure because of Kingda Ka and El Toro, but I really want to ride X and Tatsu looks brilliant. If you have been to both parks what one do you think is better? and if you...
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    Disneyland Paris or Port Aventura?

    I hear these two parks compared alot, so I was wondering which park do you think is better? And give reasons for your answer. I have only been to Port Aventura and its a fantastic park with 2 brilliant coasters soon to be 3, and of course Hurakan Condor. Both parks are also really well themed.
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    Dragon Khan or Hulk.

    Which do you think is better Dragon Khan and Hulk.