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  1. ukthemeparkfan

    Hypothetical: what other effects would the uk becoming us state have on the uk industry

    so as a follow up to my thread yesterday I had anther idea what other effect on uk the industry would the uk becoming a us state what i mean is things like would US compaines buy a uk park or open their own park and with US planning laws what coasters uk parks build. I could see cedar fair...
  2. ukthemeparkfan

    Hypothetical:if the uk was part of the us what uk coasters would be ranked amongst

    if uk for some reason became a us state what uk costers would coinsdred amongst the best in the best in the us my five faily obvious they are Nemesis,Stealth,Wicker Man,The Swarm,Icon
  3. ukthemeparkfan

    what do you want your first cred back to be

    so the parks are open again whats the frist coaster you run to my three either wicker man,icon or baron 1898
  4. ukthemeparkfan

    how long dose vampire have left

    after the news of bubble works closing I was wandering will Merlin re-move the vampire soon or could it be at chessington for the the long term. my view is that it is pretty rough now and as much much as love the coaster I feel it should be removed soon.