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    2013 Attendance Report

    Attendance figures for 2013 can be found via the link below.
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    SFGAdv, Dorney Park and NYC

    On a grey Thursday morning in August, my dad, uncle, cousin and I set off to Manchester Airport for our just-short-of-a-week long trip to America. We flew Manchester to Heathrow then chilled in the BA lounge for a bit before flying business to JFK. It’s the first time I’ve ever had the privilege...
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    Teen critical after roller-coaster accident at Winnipeg fair

    Source: ... nipeg.html
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    Rich families hire disabled people to beat queues at Disney

    Read more: ... z2TIoTIzVw
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    Alton Towers National Science Week Competition

    Had a search for this but couldn't find anything... Quoted text below from: Seems pretty interesting, shame it's for 16s and under... It looks like they've got quite a lot going on for National Science Week which is pretty good in my view. I...
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    Port Aventura Park and Water Park + Barcelona

    I recently spent a week in Spain where I took my first (and second visit) to Port Aventura. This report will comprise four parts: 1. First day at Port Aventura Park 2. Port Aventura Aquatic Park 3. Barcelona 4. Second day at Port Aventura Park Before we went we ordered 3 day/2 park passes...
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    Alton Towers Instant Win - Win a thousand pounds!

    Alton Towers are giving away £1000 each day to a random person who visits the resort from the 7th-13th July. More info: Here Video:
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    Alton Towers shorten opening hours of certain attractions

    Urgh. From TowersTimes: Couldn't have been much worse really; I usually start out at Nemesis, then hit Air then Duel which just totally screws this up. Don't see the need for it and is another bad choice from Alton this year in my opinion.
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    "Mega-Whirl" - Download And Video Page 1

    So I haven't released a ride in NL for a year and a half so I thought it was about time I got back to it, just to prove to myself I can actually finish a ride again more than anything. I'd started several rides which I hope to eventually finish now I've got some time on my hands, but at the...
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    Legoland Florida Waterpark

    I saw a video today of Legoland Florida's newly opened Waterpark (whose name is just Legoland Waterpark) and I'll be honest it looked pretty dull. It looks like they took what was there, spruced it up a little bit and thought that'll do. I can see how it's a good idea financially, but when...
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    Wet 'n' Wild Orlando - Blastaway Beach

    Couldn't find if this had been said before, but looks like Wet 'n' Wild are installing a new family area. It should make the place better as I found it to be quite bland in comparison to it's company in terms of water park competition in the area. More: Here
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    Drayton PTR - Friday 13th

    Last Friday, my family and I took a trip to Drayton Manor. I hadn’t been since 2008 so wanted to get back to ride Ben 10. We arrived at about quarter to 11 and used Tesco Clubcard vouchers to get in, then went for a coffee. I’d had quite a busy week and was knackered, so didn’t really fancy lots...
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    "Upstop" in German

    Hopefully someone may know this... Is there a specific translation for upstop wheel into German?
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    Best Storyline

    I had a search for this one but couldn't find anything... please correct me if I'm wrong. Many theme park attractions are defined by their storyline and it can make or break some. I'm not talking about just bits of theming around a coaster, I mean a story that starts as soon as you enter and...
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    The end of an era... Alton Towers 17/09/2011

    With me going to uni in a couple of weeks, my cousin and I headed to Towers for the last time before I go. I took a few photos but not many and they were only with my phone, though there’s one that I really like. Anyway, we got there at around 25 to 10 and headed straight to Nemesis as usual...
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    Brean PTR

    I recently got back from a holiday in Devon, before which we spent a couple of days near Burnham-on-Sea. As it was close, my cousin and I, along with our grandparents, decided to go to Brean Leisure Park. After much deliberation, the decision was made to just buy some tokens, and then get...
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    On Sunday, the 21st August, my cousin and I set off for the south. We stayed in a Travelodge overnight and the following morning we ventured to Thorpe Park! As this was my third time to Thorpe, I sort of knew what to expect but it was my cousin’s first time, so he was thoroughly excited. We...
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    Camelot PTR

    Yesterday my cousin and I took a trip to Camelot! We’d never been before so I was looking forward to riding the coasters especially Knightmare, and getting a general overview of the park. We got there at around quarter to 11 and used a 2 for 1 to get in. First of all, I was quite impressed by...
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    Oakwood PTR

    So I just got back from a 5 day mini holiday in Wales with my family which involved a trip to Oakwood on the Tuesday. The weather was fantastic virtually all week after it had been raining the week before, making me think the park would be really busy, and it was quite busy to a certain extent...
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    I'm going to Oakwood in a couple of weeks and have a few questions. Are there ORPs for any rides? (I'm guessing Speed and Megafobia if any) I'm guessing the queues will be quite substantial due to the time of year, so does anyone have any tips on order of rides or whatever? Where is the best...