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  1. A101

    RhinoBlaster and MORE coming to Holiday World in 2013

    Holiday World surprised us all with some new additions to both parks for next season, with the biggest being a new waterslide tower called RhinoBlaster, including a TornadoWave, and the moving/renaming of Pilgrims Plunge to Giraffica. Read more at PureCoaster...
  2. A101

    Best of the Best Megas?

    This year has been the year of the mega coaster, with 3 great new megas scraping the skies this season, I want to see how you think they stack up against some other, highly appraised megas. In the poll I've included some top rated mega coasters, by enthusiasts and awards, (yes those dreaded...
  3. A101

    Perilous Plunge At Knotts Berry Farm to Close Sept 3rd

    That's right, you heard me right. Knotts Berry Farm has said that they'll be closing their shoot-the-chutes classic Perilous Plunge on September 3rd, to make room for a future attraction, (to be announced soon.) Get your last rides in now, and let the speculation begin!
  4. A101

    Coasters that need a re-paint

    Rides that have a current paint job that just didn't stand the elements, and could use some "freshening up." For me it's Xcelerator, Stormrunner, Scream, Nitro, and dare I say Colossus.
  5. A101

    Is NoLimits SIMPLE?

    I am looking into getting NoLimits, because I feel really limited on RCT3. But, I'm not really a techie, so I want to make sure I know what I'm in for when I buy it. Is NoLimits easy to use? Also a screenshot of a toolbar or ride under construction would really help!!!
  6. A101

    Who's Going to Be Next to Get a Wingrider?

    Six Flags has shown they're interested in wingriders with XFlight. Cedar Fair on the other hand, needs to compete with it. What park will be getting a wingrider for 2013? Just a grain of salt, but I say Magic Mountain, Great Adventure, or Kings Island.
  7. A101

    Iron Dragon & Ninja closing soon?

    Due to the recent, (or not so recent,) closing of Big Bad Wolf and BGW, it made me take a look at all of the other standing Arrow Suspended coasters. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't BGW close BBW because it had "reached it's expiry date" because Arrow said it would last 25 years. Well...