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  1. monkeyonatable

    Six Flags Over Georgia, March 20th photo trip report

    Six Flags Over Georgia, March 20th photo trip report This will not be a huge trip report because my camera could only take 41 pictures before the memory died (and most of those pictures were spent on Goliath, for obvious reasons) . Lets get started, As you can see, it was a perfect day...
  2. monkeyonatable

    The Tale: A B&M Mega Coaster

    This is my latest creation, The Tale, a B&M Mega coaster. This coaster towers over at 225 feet, runs for 6157 feet, and flys at speeds in excess of 80mph. This coaster is due to come out on Oct. 31st. UPDATE #1 This is a picture of my Custom Station in progress Black Train...
  3. monkeyonatable

    Survey (for a school project)

    This is a survey I need some people (I dont know) to take for Statistics. Survey 1-What do you like about your cell phone (out of these answers)? a)Full keyboard b)compact c)long battery life 2-Do you own a dog? a)yes b)no 3-What do you like least about your keyboard (desktop)...
  4. monkeyonatable

    Scorched: A Gravity Group Coaster

    This will be my first wooden Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 coaster. I have made a few on No Limits, but never RCT3. 1st Update: These show my work on the supports (so far only the lift hill). All the supports are hand laid by me, there is a chain return, and...
  5. monkeyonatable

    Six Flags Over Tennessee (park)

    This is the project I have just started, so it is no where near finished. I still have supports, joints, path, flat rides, stalls, bathrooms and everything else that makes a park a park here is just the first update. This will be my Batman Ride STAND UP COASTER (still have to do supports)...
  6. monkeyonatable

    B&M Flyer

    to tell you the truth, I think they could put a very well made B&M flyer in that location.
  7. monkeyonatable

    Do you mind line cutters?

    Well, do you!?!?!? Personally I get really PISSED OFF when those idiots think they are better than everyone else, so they cut line. I have gotten people taken out by security for cutting me. One Event comes to mind, I was at Six Flags Over Georgia on April 18th. I was waiting in line for...
  8. monkeyonatable

    All American Flyer (my latest Project)

    This is a little taste... ok a big taste, of my latest project, All American Flyer. ^^ The entrance ^^More entrance ^^Look at those curves ^^Great camera shot if I do say so myself ^^Airtime anyone? ^^I love this shot near the river ^^Thats right, A REALISTIC...
  9. monkeyonatable

    which is better? Saw or Mystery Mine

    I have seen (and been on both), and I wanted to ask, Which of these two "amazing" Euro-Fighters is better, Saw: The Ride or Mystery Mine? My vote is for Mystery Mine, I thought saw wasn't all that :P
  10. monkeyonatable

    DollyWood's new attraction for 2009 season: Sky Zip

    DollyWood, as we all know, has delayed Adventure Mountain until 2010, but Dolly still has a few tricks left up her sleeve. If you look on the new park map for 2009, you will see a new attraction in the upper right hand corner...