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  1. TheCoasterCruiser

    Furuviksparken 2023

    Something is apparently brewing in the northern part of Sweden. Given the early announcement, I think we're looking at a pretty big investment here and it might very well be a coaster, especially since Rocket closed last year.
  2. TheCoasterCruiser

    2 New Rides for Bakken 2021

    As some of you probably know by now, Bakken said goodbye to Racing (Their Zierer Flitzer) this year, so a replacement was imminent. While Bakken hasn't announced anything specific yet, they have now started teasing that they will get 2 (!!) new rides for the coming season. Through KMG's...
  3. TheCoasterCruiser

    The Lego Movie World for Legoland Billund in 2020

    It has just been announced by the park, that they will open "THE LEGO MOVIE World" (®®®™ ™ !!) for 2020. This will be a brand new area in the park, including Scandinavia's first Flying Theater attraction, a family drop tower and an Aerobat ride from Technical Park. The entire area, which will...
  4. TheCoasterCruiser

    Andreas Andersen Leaves Liseberg For Tivoli Gardens (PLOT TWIST)

    This came as quite a shock to me, but apparently Liseberg's CEO is packing up his things and moving back to Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen for a leading position, responsible for guest experiences and daily operations. I'm very ambivalent about this. On the one hand, this might mean that Andreas...
  5. TheCoasterCruiser

    First Time Visit to Alton Towers and BPB

    Hello everyone, As some of you may know I run CoasterClub Denmark, and in may 2018 we went on a trip to the UK, visiting Thorpe Park, Alton Towers and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. I had already been to Thorpe, but never visited the other two. - I had initially not planned to write a report of...
  6. TheCoasterCruiser

    Fårup Sommerland Announces Two New Family Rides For 2019

    Fårup announced today that they would add two new family rides, although one of them is actually a retheming of their existing wave swinger. The actual new ride is a SideCar flat-ride from Technical Park, which are quite fun. I think this is fine, although I must say that Fårup has had quite...
  7. TheCoasterCruiser

    Djurs Sommerland | Tigeren | Intamin Gyro Swing

    The park has started teasing their new attraction for 2019. It will be the tallest ride in the park at 45 meters and they will reveal it on tuesday at 10AM. I'm thinking somewhere along the lines of a drop tower or a big flat of some kind, but really I'm rather lost as to what it's going to be...
  8. TheCoasterCruiser

    Tivoli Gardens - "Tik Tak" - Mondial Shake for 2018

    So a little while ago, Tivoli announced that their Break Dance ride 'Snurretoppen' would be removed after 29 years of service (people were pissed as usual). Now they have revealed what's going to replace it, and it's actually pretty cool. They're getting a 'Shake' model from Mondial, which is a...
  9. TheCoasterCruiser

    New Kidde Coaster For Legoland Billund's 50th Anniversary

    For the parks 50th anniversary next year Legoland will open a brand new roller coaster for the kids in their 'Legorado' area, called 'Den Flyvende Ørn' (The Flying Eagle), which looks like a custom design from Zierer. Furthermore they're completely renovating their log flume 'Canoe', as well as...
  10. TheCoasterCruiser

    Knuthenborg Safaripark Opens First Coaster

    The park already have an ABC Flume Ride and now they've opened their very first credit as the next step in their plans to evolve into more than just a zoo. It's just a kiddie coaster, but I thought it might be interesting info for any credit-whores out there, located on southern Zealand a little...
  11. TheCoasterCruiser

    Tivoli Friheden To Get "Mini Sky Roller"

    The small danish park has the last couple of years been developing a new kids area. With a driving school and a Zierer family drop tower in 2015, as well as a new kiddie spinning coaster from SBF Visa in 2016. This year, yet another attraction will be added to "BilleBy" (BugTown) in the form a...
  12. TheCoasterCruiser

    Efteling - The First Time

    I was going to be in the area for a university visit and so I decided to book a night at the Efteling hotel and spend 13-14th of november at the resort. This was my very first time at Efteling, so needless to say I was quite curious about the visit. I ended up being a bit blown away... After a...
  13. TheCoasterCruiser

    New Ride Company "Ride Engineers Switzerland"

    I just discovered something pretty interesting in the newest issue of Parkworld Magazine, that I thought I would share. Ride Engineers Switzerland (ERS) is a new ride design company, apparently founded by the former ABC Rides CEO, Willy Walser (how's that for a name? :emoji_smile:). They have...
  14. TheCoasterCruiser

    Djurs Sommerland | Drage Kongen | Intamin Suspended Family Coaster

    A new planning permit for Djurs Sommerland has come to the surface and apart for some stuff on the new Polyp for this season, it also reveals exciting details for 2017! I've read the document and this is what I've gathered so far: - A new larger attraction, aimed at kids and adults is planned...
  15. TheCoasterCruiser

    Tivoli Friheden Gets Small SBF Visa Spinning Coaster

    Tivoli Friheden in Denmark is apparently getting a new roller coaster this year called "Bisværmen" (Bee-Swarm). It's one of those small figure-8 spinners from SBF so nothing special at all, although it's been quite a long time since the park last got something of this "caliber" I guess. They...
  16. TheCoasterCruiser

    Djurs Sommerland 2016 - Gerstlauer Polyp

    Djurs Sommerland has had another record season this year with 800.000 guests visiting the park! The latest press release from the park teases an exciting future, with a new family ride coming in 2016 and a pirate themed resort as well as big new rides on the drawing board. The new ride for...
  17. TheCoasterCruiser

    Fårup Sommerland Has Plans To Expand Falken

    In an interview with "Theme Park Freaks", CEO Søren Kragelund has revealed that they plan on expanding their wooden roller coaster, Falken! The park has spent several years of negotiation with the local authorities in order to ease the current height restriction in the park and now it sounds...
  18. TheCoasterCruiser

    Heide Park Removes Water Ride - What's Next?

    Heide Park has begun what looks like the demolition of their "Märchenfahrt" water ride and that is pretty much all we know at the moment. It could also just be a renovation though, but I think it's more likely that it's being torn down to make space for a new ride. The sign they've put up also...
  19. TheCoasterCruiser

    New Area For Legoland Billund 2016

    So Legoland Billund is developing what seems to be a pretty big plot of land as you'll see on the pictures below, which leads me to think it's a whole new area instead of just another Ninjago themed Sky Fly from Gerst. The park removed their kiddie coaster a couple of years ago to build Ghost...
  20. TheCoasterCruiser

    "The Greatest Dinosaur Ride In The World" For USJ

    This has apparently been spotted in the Universal Studios Japan park: I think it sounds really exciting, I love Jurassic Park and it sounds like they're gonna do something big. Could it be a B&M Wing Coaster? Source: ... 12/photo/1