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  1. JJLehto

    A miraculously dry visit to Kennywood!

    I left this morning with the weather forecast saying 75-80+% chance of rain for the area w thunderstorms. Unsure what to do but having 1 bought the ticket 2 not being able to move it to later in this brief trip I just watched the local weather as I got close. It seemed to be raining on and off...
  2. JJLehto

    Carowinds & Kings Dominion opening weekend

    While I try to avoid weekends and especially opening days, when you're in the area what can ya do? Arrived at Carowinds a little after 10 and was thankful to see they were letting people in already, and naturally waited at Fury for 11 to come. Was pretty slow ops to be expected, a fairly short...
  3. JJLehto

    First ever trip to Dollywood!

    Y'all know I don't do trip reports with pics, (we've seen em all, nothing I can really contribute) nor do I go hyper in depth on every experience or ride, but this was my first visit on my 3rd attempt maybe it's longer than usual. So let's dive in! Was very glad they let us into the park early...
  4. JJLehto

    Hershey 7/25/2020 (and first park of the year)

    So wasn't sure I'd even go to park this year, but dang it...can't say no. Wasn't sure what to expect, and was a mixed day though not all could be helped, some was on me, and I understand these are just not ideal times to do solo parking. BTW I don't usually do photos...we've seen em all and...
  5. JJLehto

    Carowinds and Cedar Point quick report

    What better way to kill an unexpected 6 hour delay at the airport? A trip report of course! Sorry no pics, airport WiFi is awful but hey...there is no angle or shot I can possibly have that hasn't been seen before. I recently took my first ever trip to Carowinds on a quiet Thursday. Thank...
  6. JJLehto

    Original No Limits packs

    Hey all, I recently bought NL2 (old laptop that had No Limits has died long ago and with it some coasters I made and never backed up :( ) and I was wondering, is there anywhere you can get the coasters that came with the original No Limits? There were a few I recall, one had several woodies...
  7. JJLehto

    My crack at a Mitch Hawker style poll

    Hey CF, I am not sure how big a deal the Mitch Hawker poll is here, but as you all surely know it has not been done since 2013. Sad, especially since so many RMCs and intriguing coasters have opened since. I have looked into why Mitch has stopped and seems no one knows, nor did he respond to an...
  8. JJLehto

    SF New England 6/5/15

    So I don't like to go crazy with these things, and these rides are already well photographed, so here is my brief and not too intense trip report! Started the day off with 5 straight rides on Wicked Cyclone, each was a walk on. It took me longer to walk all the way around back to the entrance...
  9. JJLehto

    Fast Pass - opinions?

    I've always thought they were terrible, even came up with justifications like "lines are part of the experience" or how it was like flashing money in our faces. Well we're thinking about doing it finally at CP and I now chuckle at those who say "it benefits the wealthy" and is "unfair" and...
  10. JJLehto

    SF:GA 9/3

    On a cloudy/misty day I trekked to Six Flags Great Adventure with a college friend of mine. Despite concern that it would be loaded thanks to the holiday, or that we might get rained out, the day was dry and must've driven the crowds away. At times the park was like a ghost town! We hit up...
  11. JJLehto

    Anyone think I305 > M Force?

    To my surprise, it seems quite the contrary. Though plenty prefer Bizarro and maybe even Skyrush. Does anyone prefer I305 to Millennium Force? Seems like a more intense, forceful ride to me. To anyone who doesn't, why? Does it have anything to do with the trims on the airtime hill?
  12. JJLehto

    Top 6 rumored (or not so much) coasters for 2013

    Cool article I stumbled upon, I really don't know about a couple of these but this is the rumors section so why not!? I really hope that Morey's Pier one was to happen. I'd love for a new great ride on the shore, and connecting piers...
  13. JJLehto

    Hershey Park - 6/30/2012

    This was my second trip to Hershey in a bit over a month, and given financial circumstances will probably be my last visit for the season. Thankfully, it was an amazing day. It was 95 degrees (35 C for the non Americans) and while it was a brutal day, it may have kept away a lot of the locals...
  14. JJLehto

    Silver Star

    Random, but something I've been wondering. To anyone who has been on Silver Star at Europa Park.. How is it? It's kind of infamous for its trim brakes and I've heard comments such as "made this the biggest family coaster in Europe" Now I'm not one to believe the I figured...
  15. JJLehto

    B&M vs. Intamin

    Sorry if it's been done, but it's something I've pondered and seems to have sparked some debate on YT (though what doesn't?) So what do you say? I'm a B&M man...though I have to give it to Intamin for hypers. Both are great companies of course.
  16. JJLehto

    Hershey Park - Skyrush Opening Day!

    2 friends and I planned a trip to Hershey Park for 5/26, the opening day of Skyrush. It's also a great park that we love very much, so there's that too. We arrived at 9pm, an hour early to try and beat the crowd and we pretty far up front, though a good crowd was already outside the gate...