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  1. CarolinaRider

    SeaWorld San Antonio | Wave Breaker | Intamin Family Launch

    [EDIT]Please delete topic. It has already been posted here.
  2. CarolinaRider

    Areas with a high concentration of a manufacturer's rides?

    Europa Park is practically Mack's showroom, but what are some other parks/areas that seem like showcases of a particular manufacturer? I've always thought Central Florida was somewhat of a B&M showcase. You've got two rare B&M sitdown models, one of them featuring a launch; three inverts, one...
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    Canada's Wonderland | Soaring Timbers | Mondial Inferno ... oka-plunge
  4. CarolinaRider

    California's Great America | Patriot | Vortex Conversion ... nouncement
  5. CarolinaRider

    The Beast vs. The Ultimate

    Both are two of the longest coasters on the planet, both feature two lift hills, and both use the terrain to their advantage. I haven't ridden either coaster, but which one is better?
  6. CarolinaRider

    What are some underrated night rides?

    We all know about the Beast and Boulder Dash, but what are some rides that really come to life at night that don't get enough praise?
  7. CarolinaRider

    Why doesn't B&M do vertical lifts?

    I remember reading somewhere that B&M turned down Rip Ride Rockit because Universal wanted them to build a vertical lift. Is B&M unable to build vertical lifts?
  8. CarolinaRider

    Why do some wooden coasters look bigger than they are?

    One example I can think of is Shivering Timbers. The ride looks like it should be in the 160-170 ft range when in fact it is only 122 feet tall. And it seems like the bigger they are, the more they look like their correct height. Why do wooden coasters appear to be bigger than they are? Does it...
  9. CarolinaRider

    Fury325 vs. Leviathan

    From what I can tell, Leviathan has the better opening sequence with the drop into the tunnel, tight overbank, speed hill, and massive camelback while Fury325 has the better second half/ending with the horseshoe turn, overbanks and airtime hills. Which coaster is better, or which one would you...
  10. CarolinaRider

    Intamin A.G. or Rocky Mountain Construction?

    The B&M-Intamin debate has been going on for years. Personally, I enjoy coasters from both companies equally for different reasons. B&M is the tried and true company that can always deliver a great, rerideable experience while Intamin pushes the limits and tries to eject you from the...
  11. CarolinaRider

    Best SUSTAINED Airtime You've Gotten

    One moment sticks out in my mind that was actually kind of unexpected: the top hat and descent of Top Thrill Dragster. Once the train started to crest the top hat, I got some crazy floater airtime and that lasted all the way through the spiral descent and it was actually kind of freaky! There...
  12. CarolinaRider

    Cheetah Hunt vs. California Screamin'

    Both coasters are super long Intamins with multiple launches, airtime, and one inversion. Both are considered "family launchers." While I haven't been on either (though I think I'll probably get to ride Cheetah Hunt first in the next few years). For those of you that have been on both, which is...
  13. CarolinaRider

    RMC in 10 Years?

    RMC took the industry by storm in 2011 and now they're considered among the ranks of companies like B&M, Intamin, CCI, and Mack. Now they've developed the TRex track and are expected to enter into the ground-up, major steel coaster market. Where will they be in ten years?
  14. CarolinaRider

    New Credit or Modification?

    Say someone called up RMC to convert their wooden coaster, but instead of using IBox track, they used topper track. Would it qualify as a new coaster or would it be the same as a reprofiling/new trains? It is a change in technology, and technically, topper track isn't even wooden. But how do you...
  15. CarolinaRider

    Why does B&M group their gigas with their hypers?

    Does Intamin have a patent on giga coasters or do they just want to group their coasters?