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  1. A101

    Worst queue?

    Longest: 2 hours for X2. As a first time visitor to the park that queue is particularly annoying as they hide the cattle pen of switch backs behind a berm, so at first glance the wait isn't that bad, only to find out there is much, much more to come. Worst: Gatekeeper. That queue had SO much...
  2. A101

    Confessions on a Coaster Forum

    Of all the coasters in Orlando, I enjoyed Rip Ride Rockit the most. My trips to Disneyland have all been meh, and enjoy Universal's parks more. I despise all Intamin fanboys who hate B&Ms, (come at me bro) Despite being an ACE member, I say tear up the TOGO standups and melt them down into B&Ms.
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    The best of the Giga's?

    Home park: CW Therefore: Leviathan. No, besides that, I really, really enjoyed Leviathan, and even having ridden Millennium Force, Leviathan is just something else, and although both rides have their own elements, and characteristics, Leviathan's just appeal to me more.
  4. A101

    Canada's Wonderland 2014 Attraction

    Someone from ACE asked management who confirmed it's a $10 million attraction. The only reason that's possible is because the track design was created in-house, and manufactured locally, and since the dark ride portion will be nearly all digital, it all helps to keep costs low. I originally...
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    Canada's Wonderland 2014 Attraction

    Thunder Run is confirmed as staying, from sources at the announcement. They asked management.
  6. A101

    Canada's Wonderland 2014 Attraction

    All of the locals are either very, very excited, or very very scared of what this could be. There's a handful saying not to mess with our "precious" mountain, and that it's just a giant video game.
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    Scariest Roller Coaster You've Ridden

    For me it was definitely what is probably considered to be the most hated upon coaster at Cedar Point; Mean Streak. The awkward banking and jittery trains made it feel like the trains would actually fly off of the tracks!
  8. A101

    Favorite Coaster Element?

    After my recent trip to Orlando, Montu and Dragon Challenge/Dueling Dragons reminded how amazing corkscrews are on B&M inverts. Just the exaggerated motion around the element, and the fact that it isn't pure g-force because I feel a slight freedom and sensation of being pushed out of your seat...
  9. A101

    Best Canada's Wonderland Coaster?

    As a CW local, and a season passholder, the park leaves much to be desired when it comes to modern coasters. I'm not saying the park is bad, but in comparison to parks like SFMM and CP where the number of coasters is similar, Canada's Wonderland has much fewer high quality, big ticket...
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    Strong forces, love them or hate them?

    I enjoy strong forces, on the first time I ride. If I'm trying to do repetitive rides with low waits, or ERT, it's just too much and kills the fun.
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    Alton Towers | The Smiler | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Re: Alton Towers | SW7 | Unknown Gerstlauer World's 1st The Smiler, meh. I like 'The Inoculator' way better.
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    Trip plans for 2013

    Planning a trip down to Orlando, hoping to get down to BGT. Trying to make arrangements to spend some time at CP around my birthday.
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    RhinoBlaster and MORE coming to Holiday World in 2013

    Holiday World surprised us all with some new additions to both parks for next season, with the biggest being a new waterslide tower called RhinoBlaster, including a TornadoWave, and the moving/renaming of Pilgrims Plunge to Giraffica. Read more at PureCoaster...
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    Golden Ticket Awards Rigged?

    -Word cool) Like you, I am enrgaed by the low placement of great rides like Leviathan and Shambhala. Plus, I know that they get different input from different people year-to-year, but seeing as rides move up in the list, they're not actually getting better?!?!?! Plus, they give best dark ride...
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    Walt Disney Studios Paris | Ratatouille | Dark ride

    Re: Ratatouille dark ride - Walt Disney Studios, Paris Hmmmm, 3D projection, huge screens, multi story building? (Cough cough, Transformers) Maybe this will be Disney's prototype for something on that scale? Maybe we'll see this come to WDW at the Studios or Epcot? (France Pavilion)
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    Best of the Best Megas?

    Sorry about that, I didn't want to overdoes on B&Ms. I added it. :--D
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    Best of the Best Megas?

    This year has been the year of the mega coaster, with 3 great new megas scraping the skies this season, I want to see how you think they stack up against some other, highly appraised megas. In the poll I've included some top rated mega coasters, by enthusiasts and awards, (yes those dreaded...
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    Best Roller Coaster in U.S., Canada From CBS

    I kind of get a kick out of how they put Levi up with other renowned coasters like MF and Bizarro, maybe CW actually has a chance in this yr's GTAs, (he desperately hopes!) But seriously, with Jack Rabbit being the exception, it's just the top coasters wood and steel from the GTAs.
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    Best 1-2 coaster combination

    ^ +1 on the Leviathan-Behemoth combo. What about Dollywood, Thunderhead and Wild Eagle?
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    Rollercoasters that you wanted to ride, but got dismantled.

    Re: Rollercoasters that you wanted to ride, but got dismantl Son of Beast, with or without loop. Would've been nice to see Drachen Fire, not sure if I would want to ride it though...