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  1. Slash

    A Trip to the Theatre

    Been to the theatre recently to see a play or musical, then post your review and regards in here! And why not debate how good a play/ musical is and advise people on what to see? I'll be placing my "Chicago" review in later.
  2. Slash

    I'm a Celeb!

    So here it is, here again. I'm a Celeb is back again. Here is for the bitching and the toil. And all the laughter it brings. Let the gossip begin! Even if we are almost 7 days in... Just watched Kim eat Kangaroo bollocks. She has some too, they just aren't kangaroo ones.
  3. Slash

    Project Relentless

    Its good to be back... So here are some pictures :) Its inspired by something we all hate... but I'm gonna have fun with this and make it my own :D Yes it is on default colours. I don't know what colours would be unique so ideas wanted!
  4. Slash

    Is there a god?

    What is the general belief on this board? Is there a God? Is there not a God? What do you think? (I created this topic to spark debate not arguments so, prewarning lets not have a giant hate filled topic with religious people and atheists Irving their views on each other) Personally I...
  5. Slash

    Homemade Coaster!

    Ok here is a link to a homemade coaster someone made in their backyard., you've probably seen it as its been on tv and on the internet for a while now but i was wondering would you ride a homemade coaster and would you make one? I think I would...
  6. Slash

    Disney buy MARVEL

    So as you may or may not know Disney have bought out MARVEL comics. I know this isn't in direct correlation with the Disney parks but inevitabely they may want to use MARVEL in one of their theme parks but this leaves me stumped. What's going to happen to IoA and MARVEL Super Hero Island?
  7. Slash


    Was just wondering, I have these pre paid tickets for Alton Towers. You know the ones where you buy your second day for £18. Will they be valid for Scarefest?
  8. Slash

    Ever get a Dominos again?

    MOST DISCUSTING THING EVER. words can't explain how disgusted I felt. I really cannot describe it at the moment. Oh and the woman is on the sex offenders register. Here is Dominos response...
  9. Slash

    Vekoma Trains released

    Didn't see this anywhere so... Vekoma are designing in BM style trains, 4 across seating.
  10. Slash

    Builders Breakfast wins but was it a fix?

    So Builders Breakfast won overall in Walkers' "Name us a flavour" comp. But how the hell did it win! It was the worst flavour by far, it had little to no flavour and was greasy as hell! At least Onion Bhaji came second. I smell a fix though.
  11. Slash

    The Chained Oak

    Just a quick question TBH, where is the actual Chained Oak? If anyone can circle on a park map that'd be lovely. I've never ever seen it and I really want to next time I go :D
  12. Slash

    Expedition Everest Recreation (UC)

    So I'm trying to make an Expedition Everest Recreation, which is gonna be extremely tough. because... A. There is no way of making an inter-changeable reverse section. B. I can't make 3Ds C. Its a recreation So here are some screens and if anyone can give help, I REALLY NEED IT. I...
  13. Slash


    Do you like Energy drinks or are you one of those people who says EUGH! Tastes like medicine! I just wanna know because they seem to sell well. Personally I have to be in the mood for one and when I have one its nice but it leaves an aftertaste and the feeling your saliva is made up...
  14. Slash

    Furius Baco Heartline

    Is it even possible to heartline Furius Baco? If so how would you go about doing this?
  15. Slash

    Dark Chocolate

    Do you like it? Personally I don't like any dark chocolate... EXCEPT Cadburys Bournville chocolate as that is to die for, but thats probably due to 50% of the total chocolate being sugar!
  16. Slash

    Arend: Download page 2

    I know what your thinking "Slash, there isn't a BM Flyer in nolimits". Well, err yeah, your right but I thought I'd have a crack with the inverted coaster. OK so I'm guessing the heartline etc... But so far I think I'm doing well. So here it is Project Fly, officially under way. Here is the...
  17. Slash

    The Alphabet Game

    So here is how it works, you pick a topic and you have to give a word associated with that topic for the next letter of the alphabet. E.g Kinds of fruit A. Apple B. Banana and so on. You can only say one letter and the person who is Z picks he next topic. Topic #1= Things you can...
  18. Slash

    Which is the best steel coaster manufacturer?

    Says it in the title really.
  19. Slash

    Which row, on a roller coaster, is better?

    Title says it all.
  20. Slash

    What Is The Most Overrated Roller Coaster?

    Which roller coaster do you think is overrated? I think that overrating is bad, IMO sheikra was overrated and I didn't think it was as good as everyone said. TBH I prefer most rides to Sheikra. But may change my mind this spring when i go.