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  1. vaugc002

    Parque de Atracciones de Madrid - 22/0-7/2022

    A quick trip report from a recent visit to Madrid's oldest theme park. My genius idea was to walk to the park in time for opening at 12, however it took more than 1 hr 30 from the city centre, and is quite remote too being situated in a national park type surrounding - not the best of walks on...
  2. vaugc002

    Blackpool Pleasure Beach 26th / 27th May 2021 Quick report

    Here's a quick one to provide some updates and personal thoughts about BPB. I first visited 15 months back, so this is a bit of a revisit report with @Climb - two full days on park and new creds ridden. New tickets The ticketing system now relies on your mobile phone rather than old-school...
  3. vaugc002

    My 100th cred in 'Great' Yarmouth

    A quick one - a visit to Great Yarmouth and six creds ticked off. Including my 100th! I've been on this forum 11 or 12 years so at this rate I'll hit my 200th in 2032. Back in February I visited Blackpool's Pleasure Beach and just missed my 100th due to the Big One's closure because of high...
  4. vaugc002

    Energylandia ft Zadra + bonus mystery coaster - Thursday 28th August 2019

    Hi everyone. So it's time for my third trip report in 11 or 12 years on here. I've got time so here you go. I spent ages writing this and editing photos so I feel for @gavin and his comprehensive reports from China ?. After seeing Zadra would open early, I decided my late summer trip would be...
  5. vaugc002

    'Sinorides' ride and rollercoaster manufacturer

    I've just discovered a ride manufacturer on YouTube called Sinorides and wanted to share with you lot. They have a wide range of very odd videos showcasing a range of very odd rides, and some rollercoasters too. They appears to offer a variety of fairground classics, alongside clearly...
  6. vaugc002

    15th - 19th April - Efteling/ Toverland/ Efteling TR

    Aged 26, I finally managed to plan and execute a proper theme park trip. My tour started in The Netherlands and finished with Germany, running from Efteling to Toverland and to Phantasialand. It’s a pretty well-documented route but I’ll add my two cents for you to enjoy/ ignore as you wish. I...
  7. vaugc002

    The Ultimate decapitates deer 29th September 2014

    So according to the ever-reliable Daily Mail a deer managed to navigate around the perimeter fence that surrounds The Ultimate and was hit by one of the trains. To be honest it could have ended up much worse for the passengers as the deer was only young and not a full-sized adult. My favourite...
  8. vaugc002

    New 40m high rollercoaster in Brazil - 'La Inversa'

    Hi all Just seen this on the ACE South America Facebook page and thought it was worth a share. There's a new rollercoaster that has just been finished in Brazil's Fazenda Dos Acqua Lokos water park and stands at over 40 metres in height (and looks shockingly unsafe) The reason that it has only...
  9. vaugc002

    Hollenblitz at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland - 2013/2014?

    Hi all Sorry first of all if this post is in the wrong place/ has already been written by someone else. Hyde Park's Winter Wonderland is a little over a month away and, overpriced, busy and as overrated as it may be, it is still an exciting even on the calendar for many. And this year...
  10. vaugc002

    Soquet carnival coaster

    Searching through a YouTube channel the other day I came across this: Looks to be called The King and seems to be Soquet track. Looks bigger than anything else Soquet have done though. Does anyone know any stats on this? Thanks
  11. vaugc002

    Parc Asterix 2012

    Hi all, I have arrived back home from a trip to Paris and I thought I would write a bit about my visit to Parc Asterix. As it was my first time, I do not have much to compare it with in terms of changes but I would say that the entrance area and first part of the park looked very much like a...
  12. vaugc002

    Hard to find POV's

    There may have been a few of these already but I couldn't find one so... Are there any obscure/ hard to find POV videos that people have found recently or that are difficult to find? I recently found this crazy powered coaster: ... aul_people (Parc...
  13. vaugc002

    Info on this coaster?

    Ok... so i was trawling RCDB and i found this coaster : Anyone know anything about it? The track type looks somewhat different to what we're used to for a looper...
  14. vaugc002

    Random Launch coaster...

    I was surfing through pov's on youtube on a particularly boring day and i came across this: I hadn't seen it before - reckon it could be the most pointless launch coaster out there?!!