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    Accident On Coaster At Royal Melbourne Show.

    Theres been an accident on a small coaster called the Rebel Roller Coaster at the Royal Melbourne Show down in Australia. The Revel Roller Coaster is a small zyclone style coaster that travels around the country. Sounds like its the type of accident we've all heard about 100 times where someone...
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    Storms Hit Italian Ferris Wheel.

    Not much else to say when the title says it all. I'm unsure of the location of the wheel beyond Piombino but this looks a little mad.
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    Most Used Words In Roller Coaster Names

    I got bored again and bored me usually leads to something dumb. Here is a word cloud of every single word in every single coaster name on the RCDB. The full zoomable and scrollable image can be seen here (it was WAY too big to upload here) I have removed the word "Unknown" from the cloud...
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    Kim Quy Amusement Park | Hanoi Vietnam | Theme Park

    Second in line after Sun World Sam Son on the conveyor belt of Vietnam's new park boom is Kim Quy Park. Also being built by Sun Group this park will be one of their larger parks with a total area of 101 hectares, although only part of that will be an actual theme park. This new park has been...
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    New Alpine Coaster Planned For Scotland

    Still in the planning stages but it looks like theres a plan for a new alpine coaster at Destination Hillend in Midlothian, Scotland. Early concept art for the project. Plans also include ziplines to be added to the ski resort as well. Early days but more of a chance of this happening than...
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    The Battersea Bullet.

    Just came across this article and thought it interesting. Many of you will remember the original plan to turn the abandoned Battersea power station in London into a theme park Original 80s vision above, later 2013 vision below. The idea was originally around from the 80s and proposed by...
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    Evergrande Parks | China | Many Theme Parks

    We already have a thread for Evergrandes flagship park World Fairytale Land in this forum but with the news that Evergrande seem to be restarting construction on the majority of their projects I figured I might as well take the plunge and add a thread for all the others they are working on...
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    Gorky Park In Kharkiv Hit By Shelling

    Considering the horrendous current situation this was only a matter of time. But it appears Gorky Park near the under siege city of Kharkiv was hit by some shelling during Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Doesn't seem to have caused too much damage but certainly came close to hitting the main...
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    Sun World Sam Son | Vietnam| Theme Park Resort

    Along with VinWonders Sun World have been on a building spree for parks in Vietnam. In fact I think Vietnam only comes second to Indonesia for most parks built and opened in the last few years (And most of those were indoor Transmart parks) So its no surprise to see another Sun World park on...
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    Silk Road Paradise | Xi'an China | Theme Park

    @Cranedude I know you've been waiting for this one and i promised I'd get round to it when things reached a more substantial point. so here we are :) Now let me take you on a journey, a story of misleading concept art, long timescales and interesting rides. For the impatient here is an RCDB...
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    Who is the best big park chain operator?

    Note - From the off I'd say we should exclude Disney and Universal because they are in a class of their own. But looking at the threads throughout this forum there are countless topics slamming CF, SF, Merlin and PR about some of the decisions in parks they run. I'm intrigued how people rate...
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    Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park I Roaring Timbers | GCI Terrain Woodie | 2022

    I mentioned the other day in the rides you didnt know existed thread that there was a big new ride to come soon. Well now I have permission to post it so here it is. A nice little GCI Terrain woodie has popped up in Vietnam :) Oh and its already fully built and almost ready for testing.
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    Fantawild Parks | China | Many Theme Parks

    Hey All. Hopefully Mods are OK with just having one construction topics for Fantawild parks. Theres just too many to have a topic for each i think. I shall try to list what we currently know they have under construction. Just to note the later parks opening dates are estimates. 1) Fanta Park...
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    The Rig - A roller coaster on an offshore oil rig?

    Time for something completely insane. We've had a roller coaster on a cruise ship. How about one on an rig in the middle of the Arabian Gulf? (although I assume a purpose built rig rather than a reused oil installation) Meet "The Rig" project in Saudi Arabia. Can't ever see this happening but if...
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    Legoland| Sichuan China | 2 Theme Parks + 1 Water Park

    Hi all About time we had a post for this big new Legoland going up in China (one of several but the one seemingly the furthest along and with the most info), this will be build south of Chengdu. Unusually for Merlin its not quite the standard copy and paste Legoland we are used to. And has one...
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    Which Park Will Be The First Western Park To Go Chinese?

    With the release of Golden Horses new GSC-20A launched coaster model (see below) and videos appearing of their LSM Half pipe style rides i am starting to ask the question who in the western world will be the first park to chance getting a Chinese built ride? There have been Chinese built...
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    Yerevan Park | Armenia | Indoor/Outdoor Park

    This park has been known about for a while since it first appeared on a Vekoma reference list last year. But it seems construction is now properly under way. The park aims to be the first world class amusement park in Armenia and will have three roller coasters. A Vekoma 247m junior coaster...
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    Dubai Hills Mall | Storm | Intamin Indoor Launch Coaster | 2022

    This is an interesting one thats fallen under the radar a bit. I was alerted to it orginally to my friend and fellow obscure stuff researcher Michael who does most of construction posts at Themeparx It appears the currently under construction Dubai Hills Mall with have a decent sized indoor...
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    Major Parks In China Close Down Until The Coronavirus Crisis Is Over.

    Surprised this hasn't been posted about yet but useful info for anyone due a trip to China anytime soon. Currently many of the major parks in China are closed due to the increasing spread of the new Coronavirus strain currently causing so many problems in China (and the rest of the world)...
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    Huge New Expansion For Ocean Park Hong Kong

    Ocean Park Hong Kong has announced a series of 7 new "Scenic Spots" in a massive new expansion due to take place between 2023 and 2027 Scenic Spots 1 and 2: Ocean Plaza + Azure Bay - The current waterfront park (ie, the foot of the mountain near the entrance) will be divided into 2 theme areas...