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  1. J

    The Games we play...

    Just completed GTA 4 100%... I was playing Need for Speed Underground earlier at my GF's house. Nice to re-live that game. Next game I'll probably get is either Madden NFL 09 or ESPN 2k9. They are not out for a while but thay look immense.
  2. J

    Sexiest famous women!

    Jessica Alba... she was so hot in Sin City. Jenna Dewan in Step Up. She got fitter by the scene. Rachel Bilson in Jumper is nice aswell.
  3. J

    Rita vs Stealth

    ^Ohh! Didnt realise! Should of mentioned it!
  4. J

    Rita vs Stealth

    Ahhh not true! There is a rumour that Heide Park were looking at a Rita clone. This is a good move. Desert Race will be the only Accelerator in Germany, and thats good for pulling in the GP. The GP will think 'Ahh! A launch coaster, lets ride it!', so what if the layout isn't as good as...
  5. J

    Kumali vs. The Pepsi Max Big One

    PMBO's has a nicer view. Kumali's view is dirt. Kumali.
  6. J

    "Now Showing"

    I saw Shawshank Redemption yesterday, it was f00king awesome! The storyline is great, and its a must see. A while back I saw Lucky Number Sleven which I found great aswell.
  7. J

    Goliath (SFOG) or Nitro!

    Colossus sounds cooler than Speed. So that automaticly means that Colossus is the better ride :roll:. Anyway, Goliath looks alot better than Nitro. The amount of airtime on Goliath is supposed to be alot better than Nitros. The Helix of death looks bloody briliant on Goliath too. And I hear...
  8. J

    Chocolate Digestives- Top or Bottom?

    *claps* Youve summed it up!
  9. J

    Best Ride At Valleyfair!

    Wild Thing looks to die for! The airtime must be strong over the hills, and a Morgan looks alot better than the other rides there.
  10. J

    You know you're CF-ing it too much when...

    That was a joke you twat!
  11. J

    You know you're CF-ing it too much when...

    Happened with me :P. When your coaster count is your main priority.
  12. J

    Sexiest famous women!

    You watch too much kids TV!
  13. J

    Arrow's Greatest Part 5 (Corkscrew Coasters/Loopscrews)

    I think that Corkscrew at CP looks the best, its the one I'd most like to ride.
  14. J

    Arrow's Greatest Part 3 (Mega-Loopers)

    Drachen Fire was a classic, looked fantastic and its a shame its not around any more. But Dragon Mountain looks amazing, 2 loops and a bowtie sounds fantastic. Also its now nicely themed.
  15. J

    Pleasurewood Hills Vs Pleasure Island

    Only been to PI and that park only had a few decent rides. I think PWH looks nice though, but I dont think its as good as PI.
  16. J

    Arrow's Greatest Part 1 (Suspended Coasters)

    For me its Big Bad Wolf. Its visually impressive, the drop over the lake looks the sex. I also hear that the ride is very good.
  17. J

    Nemesis VS Kumali

    Haha! A poor SLC against a fantastic B&M... It has to be Nemmy!
  18. J

    "Cobra" - PAX Loop 520 for Conny-Land

    PAX are impressing me with their coasters, this one has to be the best concept I have seen them come up with. It will be interesting to see how this turns out. Also its another Cobra(p)!
  19. J

    The Paste Game

    ^I know the aweser to that! shes... hes a cock
  20. J

    Crush's Turtle Twister - Disney Studios

    The layout looks a little dull IMO, and reminding me of Spinball. But I think the ride will be more fun that thrilling, and I hope that its themed well.