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    Elusive Intamin first generation Freefalls

    Hi all, sorry if this isn't suitable for this forum. I'm working on a list of first generation Freefall rides, located on the Tilt-A-Wiki/Flat Ride Wiki website (disclosure: I am an admin here). According to the Intamin website, fifteen were built. So far I've recorded thirteen of them and I...
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    Dragon Mountain - is it really 186 feet tall?

    RCDB lists Dragon Mountain at MarineLand as 186 feet tall, but I looked at Google Maps and it's built on a hill. None of the track looks high up. If it is indeed 186 feet tall, that makes it the tallest (full-circuit) roller coaster in the world until Magnum opened at Cedar Point. To anyone...
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    Olympia Looping returning to Winter Wonderland?

    They just updated their cover photo on Facebook with the dates for this year and it has Olympia Looping on it - looks like it will be returning this year! Although I was hoping for the Alpina Bahn or Hollenblitz but exciting nonetheless.
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    Nagashima Spaland | Arashi | S&S Freespin Wow didn't expect this considering they just added a B&M last year!