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  1. zombieface

    Have you had a surgery in your life?

    Technically yes, I have had wisdom teeth removal but mine were weird and they had to cut open my gums and pull out the teeth before they could solidify into my gums or something like that. It was strange
  2. zombieface

    Milestones in Your Counts

    I'm hitting 100 at Carowinds, and I don't want to wait all day to ride fury so I'll probably make my 100th the kiddie coaster
  3. zombieface

    Top 10(ish): 2022 Edition - page 109

    I keep my coasters in tiers because my top ten was basically a tie for #2 and #3 anyway. If I were to actually make a ten list, it would be something like this, the lines separate tiers: Indiana Jones Adventure - my favorite ride of all time including coasters. 1. Twisted Colossus - Fantastic...
  4. zombieface

    New Experiences at USA Disney Parks: TRON at MK, Epcot additions, and Marvel at DCA

    Most of these seem cool, I'm just sad I'll never have gotten to experience Great Movie Ride. I'll be walking into a construction zone when I go next year though.
  5. zombieface

    Rides you rode in the opening season?

    I saw World of Color opening year if that counts. For coasters: InvadR, Joker, Twisted Colossus. For flats and dark rides: Voletarium, Dare Devil (SFDK) I could think of more, this is just what comes to mind
  6. zombieface

    Best floorless

    Out of the ones I've ridden, Medusa or Dominator. I'd say kraken looks the best though.
  7. zombieface

    The Worlds Most Debatable Creds!

    If something needs to coast uphill to be a cred, then by that definition some kiddie coasters with no uphill sections like Ba-a-a Express @Europa wouldn't count, as that ride's uphill section uses drive tires. I feel like many of us always try to make this a black-and-white matter and in most...
  8. zombieface

    Where is the line drawn between family & thrill?

    I would simply say any coaster with a height requirement of around 48"-56" is a thrill coaster. Family coasters to me are just coasters that your whole family can ride.
  9. zombieface

    Coaster Manufacturer Word Association

    Arrow: Loch Ness Monster B&M: Medusa CCI: Raven Chance: Lighting Run GCI: Gold Striker Gerstlauer: Lynet Giavanola: Goliath Gravity Group: Mine Blower Intamin: Maverick Mack: Blue Fire Maurer: Shock Pinfari: ... Premier: Full Throttle RMC: Twisted Colossus RCCA: ... Schwarzkopf: Colossus the...
  10. zombieface

    Europa-park and Efteling lines

    I'm leaving for Europe in a few days, and hitting Europa-park and Efteling for the first time. I was wondering if anybody knows which rides to hit first and what rides get really long lines.
  11. zombieface

    What Do You Carry Around a Coaster Park?

    If I'm there for a full day, I'm A as I will usually have a camera with me. If I'm popping in for a couple hours then D.
  12. zombieface

    What was your first coaster to feature airtime?

    My first true airtime coaster would have been Roar at SFDK (rip) or Giant dipper at Santa Cruz. I used to love the small pops of air (although I didn't know that's what it was) on mine trains when I was a lot younger.
  13. zombieface

    What was your first coaster to feature a launch?

    I believe mine was Superman Ultimate Flight @ SFDK.
  14. zombieface

    Rides You Appreciate But Don't Love

    Matterhorn has gotten too painful for my back, but it is a very cool ride with excellent theming I can appreciate. I also think that Full Throttle, while a very fun ride with some insane elements, just doesn't come together and has a "eh that was fine" vibe.
  15. zombieface

    Your A-Z favourite coasters

    I HAVE A Q! Apollo's Chariot, Busch Gardens Williamsburg Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Disneyland Cannibal, Lagoon Dominator, Kings Dominion E - Flight Deck, California's Great America Gold Striker, California's Great America H - Intimidator 305, Kings Dominion Joker, Six Flags Discovery...
  16. zombieface

    Best Element on an RMC?

    I really enjoy the drops (if that counts) and the zero-g rolls. The 2 RMC stalls I've been on didn't do much for me.
  17. zombieface

    Out of all the parks you've visited, which one is the oldest?

    Lagoon which opened back in 1886 according to their website.
  18. zombieface

    Best Disney Coaster

    Disney coasters are often overlooked, but many are really underrated and fun rides and often offer stunning theming. Which is your favorite (does not have to be one you've ridden)? Coasters that are essentially the same ride even if there are different layouts have been grouped together, and...
  19. zombieface

    Launches: Rolling or Standing Start?

    I'd say standing, on the rolling launches you feel like you're picking up speed but I only feel a true sense of acceleration from a standing launch. Not to mention the tension from waiting to be launched!
  20. zombieface

    Best SUSTAINED Airtime You've Gotten

    Going over the drop on TC in the back. One of the reasons it's my top coaster.