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  1. Pear

    Alabama Adventure | Cheddar Chase | L&T Systems Wild Mouse | 2022

    It seems Alabama Adventure is teasing a 2022 addition. The thing under the tarp looks very similar to a Timberliner car! A family Gravity Group wooden would be a great fit here! There's also this post from September showing a large land clearing...
  2. Pear

    Kennywood Announces New Fright Nights!

    Kennywood posted a teaser on Instagram today that points towards changes being made to Phantom's Revenge. Whatever is happening will be announced tomorrow
  3. Pear

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas | Dr. Diabolical's Cliffhanger | B&M Dive Coaster | 2022

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas has begun teasing their 2022 addition! The removal of the Sundance Theater has also been confirmed which leaves a pretty good plot of land to work with! There is also a blimp with 2022 flying above the park now which could indicate the height of the future attraction
  4. Pear

    Familypark Neusiedlersee | Die Biberburg (Beaver Lodge) | Intamin Water Ride | 2022

    Familypark Neusiedlersee in Austria, who were acquired by Compagnie Des Alpes (Parc Asterix, Walibi) in 2019, have updated their map with a big new for 2022 addition. The park is already home to a few family coasters and rides, but this plot is much bigger than anything else in the park.
  5. Pear

    Gyeongju World | Valkyrie | Gerstlauer Family Boomerang | 2021

    Gyeongju World in South Korea have announced a new shuttle coaster for October 2021 called Valkyrie! No mention of manufacturer or model yet, but it looks like a Gerstlauer family boomerang model.
  6. Pear

    [HOAX] Vekoma Double Launch for Fantasy Island?

    These images were apparently found on Fantasy Island's website earlier today but were taken down. Seems that there is potential for a Vekoma double launch coming this year! Not sure how true this is, but I hope it is true! EDIT the images have been faked, this thread can be locked
  7. Pear

    Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021

    Luna Park in Sydney has announced a park overhaul that will involve the park closing for 6 months for renovations and new rides including a new Intamin hot racer...
  8. Pear

    Alabama Splash Adventure 2021

    Alabama Splash Adventure is teasing a 2021 addition!
  9. Pear

    Silverwood | Stunt Pilot | RMC Raptor | 2021

    Silverwood has begun teasing their 2021 addition which will be a ride of some sorts. Hoping for a coaster, but who knows.
  10. Pear

    Parc du Bocasse | Orochi | Vekoma SFC | 2021

    Footers have shown up at Parc du Bocasse in Normandy, France. Not entirely sure what kind of footers these are but I'm thinking Vekoma. A family boomerang/sfc could be a good fit for this park!
  11. Pear

    Knott's Teasing Possible Pony Express Removal?

    Knott's posted these pictures to their Instagram story today and they seem to hint that Pony Express could be leaving or being rethemed. It might be a reach but I wouldn't be surprised if it bites the dust.
  12. Pear

    Adventureland | Dragon Slayer | S&S Freespin | 2021

    Adventureland in Iowa just posted this on their Instagram. It seems to hint at a replacement for their Hopkins looper called Dragon.
  13. Pear

    Six Flags St. Louis 2021 Raptor Plans

    Plans have emerged for Six Flags St. Louis's 2021 project which appears to be a Railblazer clone taking the place of their old Tidal Wave ride that was demolished last year. These plans still could be fake, but it would be some good new for the park if true seeing as they haven't gotten anything...
  14. Pear

    Dorney Park Future Plans - Possible Possessed Removal and Wooden Coaster

    Plans for Dorney Park's 2021 addition have surfaced It seems that Possessed will also be removed to make way for this. Based on the layout drawings it seems to be some sort of wooden shuttle coaster akin to Switchback. Here is the planning commission notice...
  15. Pear

    Fuji-Q | Unknown | Intamin Multi-Launch Motorbike? | 2023

    Fuji-Q's latest press release shows that in 2022 they will be building a coaster that costs about 3.6 Billion Yen (about 33 million USD). This is around the same cost as Eejanaika and will be the most expensive addition to the park. The press release (in Japanese) can be seen here. Here are some...
  16. Pear

    Schwaben Park | Hummel Brummel | Wie-Flyer

    Schwaben Park will be getting a Wie-Flyer in 2020 called Hummel Brummel. Here's a video of the same ride system in action
  17. Pear

    SFMM | Wonder Woman Flight of Courage | RMC Raptor | 2022

    Surveying has begun in the area around Tidal Wave and the former Green Lantern at SFMM. There are rumors circulating that the end for Tidal Wave will be soon and it makes sense since Six Flags has been removing their splash boat rides in recent years. It seems the park might be trying to get a...
  18. Pear

    SWSA | Tidal Surge | Worlds Largest S&S Screamin' Swing

    Teasing has begun for SWSA 2021 already it seems...
  19. Pear

    Knoebels Ride Removal

    I'm guessing it's gonna be Phoenix
  20. Pear

    Tidal Wave at Six Flags St. Louis Removal

    Looks like SFSTL has removed Tidal Wave without warning. Maybe we'll see something major replacing it next year.