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  1. Pear

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Unknown | S&S Screamin' Swing

    That's one of the souvenir cups that the park sells, the elephant exhibit is right next to the swing
  2. Pear

    Himeji Central Park | Unknown | Venus GP relocation | 2022

    Love how similar the opening ceremony here was to the closing ceremony the ride had at Space World!
  3. Pear

    OCT Fantasy Resort| Xiangyang China | Theme Park

    POV of the Golden Horse mine train
  4. Pear

    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    I'm a resident as well (albeit pretty new here) and I can't wait for this situation to be over. I pass by the main entrance to Disney Springs on the way to the highway and I've seen far-right nuts protesting Disney and blocking traffic. I feel like this will all subside after the midterms or...
  5. Pear

    COTALAND | Texas | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle (Palindrome) & Vekoma Tilt (Unknown) & Other | 2022+

    Layout of Circuit Breaker has been released! This looks awesome! I love the downwards roll into the trench and the layout looks like it'll be pretty action-packed!
  6. Pear

    Kings Dominion | Tumbili | S&S Freespin | 2022

    Should we still use this thread to discuss the eventual Volcano replacement as well seeing as this thread started by discussing its removal?
  7. Pear

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    Managed to snag a few rides on Gwazi during passholder previews and it's amazing! The whole ride is intense from beginning to end and features some very strong ejector moments with some good moments of positives sprinkled throughout. My favorite element is by far the death roll but the outward...
  8. Pear

    SeaWorld Orlando | Ice Breaker | Premier Rides Custom Sky Rocket | 2022

    I haven't been allowed to wear my glasses on any of the Premiers at SEAS parks for some reason even though I could wear them on pretty much every other ride. I didn't see anyone else ride with glasses though however and the ops didn't make me get a locker they either let me put it in a zipper...
  9. Pear

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi | 2022

    If you're gonna troll at least make it funny
  10. Pear

    SeaWorld Orlando | Ice Breaker | Premier Rides Custom Sky Rocket | 2022

    Mako! Icebreaker has strong pops of ejector but Mako's air is a lot more sustained despite being weaker. Overall I think Mako is more fun and I much prefer the seats and restraints to Icebreaker.
  11. Pear

    SeaWorld Orlando | Ice Breaker | Premier Rides Custom Sky Rocket | 2022

    I managed to ride this a few times last weekend and I really enjoyed it! It's a perfect fit for the park and features some great airtime moments. It's also extremely smooth and fun and is my 2nd favorite coaster at the park!
  12. Pear

    Efteling to Replace Spookslot with a new €25m attraction

    I don't think even god himself can bring Kate Bush out of her hiatus now.
  13. Pear

    Adventureland Iowa sold by family to Palace Entertainment

    Basically means they were sold to Parques Reunidos and seeing how badly Palace has run Lake Compounce and Kennywood, I hope this park does not suffer a similar fate.
  14. Pear

    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

  15. Pear

    Alabama Adventure | Cheddar Chase | L&T Systems Wild Mouse | 2022

    It seems Alabama Adventure is teasing a 2022 addition. The thing under the tarp looks very similar to a Timberliner car! A family Gravity Group wooden would be a great fit here! There's also this post from September showing a large land clearing...
  16. Pear

    PowerPark | Pitts Special | Gerstlauer Infinity | 2020

    I love HRRR it's so fun and the airtime in and out of the MCBR's is great