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  1. Satanspropaganda

    A hastily planned and very hot heroic day at Disneyland Paris

    The Set-up Picture this, you've got an amazing gig in Cologne in July booked for around six months, Turnstile playing a really cool venue and my final Turnstile show of the year (to my knowledge). Flights are sorted, hotels are good to go and it's gonna be a crazy but incredible 48 hours...
  2. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    And we're off! Our slightly misjudged and entirely a bit too ambitious two parter trip to get spooky in Europe (and the UK) has now begun Day One 5:35pm - We departed Manchester on a very crowded flight to Barcelona. Sadly the trip got off to a bad start as an entirely too drunk British...