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  1. Niles

    Serengeti-Park | Gozimba | RES Air loop | 2022

    Over on the Coaster Friends Forum one of their members received a news letter from the park, in it they show some of their future plans. One of the new attractions is coaster called "Gozima" as of now it looks like they are aiming for a 2023 opening. One of the members says it looks like an...
  2. Niles

    Särkänniemi | 100M euro expansion | including new family coaster

    Särkänniemi in Finland will be changing quite a bit, they have approval to begin work on a 100M euro plan for the park. This plan includes the new coaster, entrance, hotel, an indoor water park and maze or dark ride. The project will start in 2023 Source which goes into the project much...
  3. Niles

    What's the best coaster line up a country can make from the coasters in it?

    So you start with a country, pick your base park, then you can take just one coaster from any other park in the country and swap it as long as its in the same scale on RCDB e.g Thrill for a Thrill and not an Extreme. You can take the theme of the coaster with it or it can take the one its...
  4. Niles

    Hayy Al Sharq | Oman | Theme Park Resort

    Here are some concept images of the Hay al Sharq project in Oman which will hopefully be completed in early 2024, work has begun on the site. Originally just a water park the project has expanded to include a theme park with what looks to be a great looking launch coaster. "Developed by Asaas...
  5. Niles

    Niles Nostalgia Trip Year 2 - Day 3 - Camel Creek

    It’s been a busy year, me and gf finally got to do a trip together, after her getting stuck in Spain, us both having to quarantine and a busy work schedule we got our break. She loves plants, animals and is starting to like coasters, so we did a bit of everything on this trip and we had a great...
  6. Niles

    What are the furthest operating coasters you have ridden North, East, South, and West from where you live?

    I was thinking today what is the furthest coaster I have done from were I live and it was surprising, then I wondered what about the other cardinal point directions. There was an old thread on this but it was last commented on in 2017 so I guess I can do a new one? I live in England and for me...
  7. Niles

    New Intamin blitz coaster sample layouts

    It appears that Intamin have come up with three new sample layouts for there blitz coaster, they come in a single, double and triple launch layout, while on the smaller side they look pretty great. Single launch: Double launch: Triple launch...
  8. Niles

    What coaster manufacturer would you solely rely on for the rollercoasters in your dream park?

    Its easy to come up with what type of coasters you would have in your dream park but what if you had to solely rely on just one manufacturer for all your roller coasters since your park opened. EDIT: ( The rest of your rides in your park can come from any other manufacture ) Some manufactures...
  9. Niles

    Mattel Adventure Park | Glendale Arizona | Theme Park

    The new entertainment centre of Crystal Lagoons Island Resort looks to be home to a Mattel theme park, the report below states its set to open 2022. “The first-of-its-kind Mattel Adventure Park™ will feature branded experiences such as a Hot Wheels® roller coaster and multiple go-karting...
  10. Niles

    Dream City | Yangzhou China | Theme park

    Apologies if this has been posted already but I could not find anything. Not sure if its called Dream or Fancy city, construction of the park and its attractions are underway. The park looks to have a custom Zamperla Thunderbolt and is said to have a Moto Coaster to. The park is connected to...
  11. Niles

    Parque Warner Madrid | Unknown | Intamin Launch Coaster | 2023

    So a new coaster might finally be coming to Parque Warner, markers have appeared and the rumour is it will be an intamin launch coaster coming in 2023. Marker locations: Please see source as they go into detail and looks as if the rumour has been around since 2019...
  12. Niles

    Yomiuriland | Lipovitan Rocket☆Luna | Gerstlauer Inverted Coaster | 2021

    A new coaster is coming to Yomiuriland for 2021, from the photos it seems to mainly be an indoor coaster with an outdoor section, it will be interesting to see how good the themeing will be. From a very rough translation this will be part of a whole new land focusing on family's. Source...
  13. Niles

    GCI prototype steel track

    At fun spot GCI debuted there new steel track, what do you think they will do with this, come up with new coasters or retrack some classics? I wonder if they can rival RMC in there revamps. Source:
  14. Niles

    2018 AECOM Attendance Theme Park Index

    Here are the 2018 attendance results for theme parks, water parks and more. To see general overview see link below: To download the report see the link below: Glad to see growth...
  15. Niles

    Farup Sommerland | Saven | Vekoma Custom Family Boomerang

    Rcdb listed Farup sommerland as getting a new coaster in 2020, i found this news article with a vid of the coaster. here is the link to the video looks like a solid custom boomerang
  16. Niles

    Overdone Disney and Paris 18th-22nd Feb 2019

    My first Trip this year, went with my family and gf for my birthday, I have not been to Disneyland Paris in over ten years honestly not much has changed but Disney land is a great park, Hollywood studios not so much. Day 1 We woke up at 2am to get on the 6am Eurotunnel defiantly to early...
  17. Niles

    Paultons Park | Storm chaser | Unknown | 2020

    Paultons Park have announced a rundown of what will be included in the new for 2020 area “tornado springs” , in the recent released image from the parks promotional twitter account an image of a roller coaster is shown and the trade mark for “storm chaser” was taken by the park a while back...
  18. Niles

    Save Rye Playland Interesting news about a refurbishment to the park, I went two years ago but it had closed for the season, it did look a bit shabby, hopefully this plan goes through.