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  1. Satanspropaganda

    Walt Disney Studios Park | Avengers Assemble: Flight Force | R'n'RC retheme | 2022

    Seen an interesting rumour floating around that even Josh D'Amaro wasn't impressed with the actual ride portion of the retheme and that they are considering a "plussing" shutdown early next year. Not sure if there's much grounds to it, however everyone I know who rode it agrees with how I felt...
  2. Satanspropaganda

    A hastily planned and very hot heroic day at Disneyland Paris

    Oh very much so! I'm still sporting the remainder of the black eye I got from seeing them a month ago 😂
  3. Satanspropaganda

    A hastily planned and very hot heroic day at Disneyland Paris

    The Set-up Picture this, you've got an amazing gig in Cologne in July booked for around six months, Turnstile playing a really cool venue and my final Turnstile show of the year (to my knowledge). Flights are sorted, hotels are good to go and it's gonna be a crazy but incredible 48 hours...
  4. Satanspropaganda

    ENSO; “Icon with a twist” opening at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2022

    I'd probably consider it at £7.99 or something like that. Below a tenner but over a fiver Right now with the upped wristband prices plus the ridiculous cost for enso I won't be visiting anytime soon
  5. Satanspropaganda

    Parc Asterix | Tonnerre 2 Zeus | Tonnerre de Zeus renovation | 2022

    Visiting in a week and a bit, can't wait to try this! I last rode it 11 years ago so it's been a while...
  6. Satanspropaganda

    Parks you can't be arsed with

    This is the perfect summary of Disney parks. I did Disney Paris when out that way for a gig a few years ago and within minutes my clock watching cred hunting approach was dropped. I booked Disney World the next day as I thought if Paris was that spectacular, what would the biggest Disney resort...
  7. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Trip Postmortem So I've had just over a week to digest the trip (plus I'm back on the road following a band's whole UK tour), so here's some of the takeaway points for us both Highlights Ride to Happiness. Absolutely every other coaster on these two trips is behind RTH for us. It's just...
  8. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Trip part two: Day Four First off, apologies for this being delayed! Turns out doing a trip of this intensity causes some serious exhaustion 😅 Our lovely night in the Radisson Blu left us as out as refreshed as anything could this deep into an exhausting trip. We got up around 7:30 and got...
  9. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Trip part two: Day Three Our third early start rolled around as our alarms began to blare at 6am, somehow though our energy levels were well up to the task of getting down to the hotel breakfast for 6:20. We wolfed down a fairly hearty breakfast then set off to catch our 7:20am first leg of...
  10. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Trip part two: Day Two - Goths in Gothenburg 5am rolled around and our alarms signalled that our six hours kip were over. Thankfully we had picked up train breakfast supplies already, so we just got ready and then rolled out the hotel for our train to Gothenburg. I have a deep love of long...
  11. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Trip part two: Day One Like all the best laid plans, this trip was beset with problems on all sides. Not only did our original sitter for Lucifer cancel, our replacement sitter caught Covid last week and left us scrambling for a sitter to allow the trip to go ahead. Thankfully a good friend...
  12. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Oh fantastic! That's great timing indeed 😄 I hope you love it
  13. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Thank you 😄 Glad you liked the writeup! Can't wait to head out for pt 2 next week Oh you are going to have a blast. Kondaa is right up your street too, straight up ejector machine
  14. Satanspropaganda

    GhosterForce 2021: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

    Sadly on account of our dogsitter pulling out and Lucifer being quite particular with who sits him, we've had to cancel our weekend down south 😔 We'll hopefully see everyone at the next one
  15. Satanspropaganda

    Nitefly’s Neapolitan Adventures (Chapters 1-3)

    This is quite literally the best summary of Energylandia anyone has ever given. I broke two ribs when seeing Limp Bizkit play that song, 10/10 would go back for more.
  16. Satanspropaganda

    Belgium 2021; which of the new coasters do you prefer?

    Lapped both for a significant amount of time the other week and although Kondaa is a stunning coaster, Ride to Happiness pips it for me. Kondaa is absolutely fantastic in every way, especially with how it basically spends 20% of the layout trying to throw you out your seat. Once Kondaa had...
  17. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    I was going to do a little trip part one postmortem tonight! However for us it was Ride to Happiness 😄 Not to take anything away from how brilliant Kondaa is, but the uniqueness of every single ride on RTH + the insane feelings it creates just blew us away. Spinning through an inversion...
  18. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Aaah no it has pyro too? 😯 I'm heavily regretting not looking up what it was!
  19. Satanspropaganda

    European Spooktacular - Trip report

    Day nine Finally the day arrived for us to experience Ride to Happiness. I cannot explain how I felt on that train this morning, just complete jitters as our train approached De Panne. Obviously it took a bit to perk up as the 6am start was a bit hefty, but we made it to the park in good time...