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  1. jj23w

    Question Bout UK Go Gators

    Looking at Clacton Pier is the Go Gator there spiteful at all because it can get my count up.
  2. jj23w

    Ranking The MCU So Far

    Seeing as we have one for Star Wars I thought there needs to be one for the MCU as it's quite a big universe here's mine split from TV to the movies. Film 1. Thor Ragnorok 2. Guardians Of The Galaxy 3. Black Panther 4. Ant Man 5. Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 6. Doctor Strange 7. Spider-Man...
  3. jj23w

    On The Road To An Iconic 75th And Many Other Adventures

    So this past weekend I went to the opening weekend of Blackpool Pleasure Beach or more like the the Sunday. (No photos this time as it was too cold this whole weekend). Anyway let's get down to business. I started my day waking up at 7:30 was originally going to go to Chessington World Of...
  4. jj23w

    Stealth vs Rita

    Recently, I've been thinking of making a whole 'series' of forums, with two similar and well-matched rides/coasters battling it out against each other...and now here's my first one.... Rita vs Stealth. The only two Intamin accelerator/rocket coasters in the UK and completely different in...
  5. jj23w


    Today the map for Alton Towers has been released and of course Blade is not on the map. Strange, I think not this is the removal of Blade for Secret Weapon 8. The Planning Application will go out very very soon and will be reviewed whenever with the immediate start of construction Ie groundwork...
  6. jj23w

    Thorpe Park Ride Game 2014

    Welcome Ladies and Gentleman to the first ever Thorpe Park Ride game it will be annual thing everyone can play. Here are the rules: Rules have been edited All Rides start on 5. Once one ride has hit 0 the ride is out of the game. The next round will start once the scores are reset back to 5...
  7. jj23w

    Steel Coasters Listed Attractions.

    So I know this question sounds a bit stupid but could steel coasters in the UK be made into listed buildings. I know that the scenic railway was made into a grade 2 listed building. If this did happen would Nemesis ever achieve this status. Discuss away.
  8. jj23w

    Angry Birds Land 25th May

    So today Me,Dan,Ian,Jordan,Sarah and Darren went to Thorpe Park for the second day of angry birds land or should I say blangry birds bland. I started the day off at 6:00 in the morning to top up my oyster and get the 287 to barking I got to the station about 7:00 waiting for my train to west...