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  1. Chris Coasters

    Chris Coasters 2015 So Far! All Days Posted

    Hello everyone I am back with another trip report. I haven't really done anything major this year so far but I have done a lot of small things so far. This trip report will be everything I have done in 2015 so far. This trip report will by first example of me trying to become CoasterForce Cred...
  2. Chris Coasters

    Thunder Road to close July 26th

    Just saw this on Facebook. Looks like its pretty official any guess as to what will happen next?
  3. Chris Coasters

    Fiesta Shows getting IAAPA coaster

    So I was looking at my coaster count and and I was seeing the fair coaster schedule for the fairs around me. I saw fiesta shows and I looked at the creds on the website and I found this. It has our POV of the spinning coaster from IAAPA. I was wondering...
  4. Chris Coasters

    Why do you love roller coasters?

    I know this might be a dumb question but let me explain. Right now I am writing a English paper on why people love to be scared. One of the things I am finding a lot of in articles is how people enjoy roller coasters. A lot of them say because they know they are doing something that defies death...
  5. Chris Coasters

    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train on Fire.

    So I just saw this on my news feed. I don't really have a lot of information except they believe it might of been from a firework incident. ... s-on-fire/
  6. Chris Coasters

    Fall Cred Run - Kings Island, Coney Island & Holiday World

    After first talking to Jarrett on skype I knew I would be heading to Kings Island this year. The first time talking to the CF goon of the year he issued a open invitation to crash at his place and do Kings Island and maybe a couple other places. After a couple months of talking and getting to...
  7. Chris Coasters

    Chris Coasters goes to Virginia :All days up

    Background Hello everyone I just got back from one of my biggest trips yet. I have never been this excited to write a trip report before. A little background of the trip first off. My cousin Tracy, her husband Dave, and their two kids Mike & Joe invited me to come along with them to Virginia to...
  8. Chris Coasters

    100th Coaster Road Trip Great Adventure June 2nd & 3rd

    Only one day after graduating High School my friends John, Brian, Ben, and I traveled down to New Jersey to visit Six Flags Great Adventure. I snagged a local fair coaster only a couple days before we left to get my 99th coaster so going into the park the first ride would be my 100th coaster...
  9. Chris Coasters

    Six Flags Over Texas new que for New Texas Giant ... _texas.htm I originally saw this on facebook from rcdb but they reposted the above article from screamscape. So Over Texas has came up with a solution for the incident last year. Six Flags Over Texas is extending the procedure in which it takes for...
  10. Chris Coasters

    Edaville USA Water Coaster Carver MA

    There is a small children's theme park near by house that I like on facebook called Edaville USA. They posted some pictures on facebook of what I first thought was a water coaster. After looking around it looks as if they have received the water coaster Kersplash that use to be at the Puyallup...
  11. Chris Coasters

    Fantasy Hockey

    I am a huge fantasy sports nut and am doing a Hockey League. I did it last year and this year its a keeper league. So if anyone is interested they will probably inherit a team from last year I would like to have 8 teams because we had 10 last year and two people didn't take it seriously so I...
  12. Chris Coasters

    Maine Coasters! Aug 31st + Sept 1st

    A couple of weeks ago I went with my grandparents and little brother up to New Hampshire and Maine. It all started because my grandmother has odd feet and only buys her shoes at one place and that place is in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I mentioned that it was pretty close to Saco, ME which is...
  13. Chris Coasters

    Six Flags New England and Boulder Dash August 3rd + 6th

    On August 3rd I joined my friends Ben, John, and Andrew along with Andrews Dad to Six Flags New England for Andrews Birthday. This was my 4th trip to Six Flags New England and I have already been on every coaster. I really don't like the park an awful lot but here we go. We got there around...
  14. Chris Coasters

    Hershey, Kennywood, Cedar Point, Knoebels July 20-26

    Today I just got back from my trip to Hersheypark, Kennywood, Cedar Point, and Knoebels. All of these parks except for Hershey were new to me so I was really looking forward to this trip. This was a big family road trip. The people who went other then myself were My Auntie Sue, my cousin Mark...
  15. Chris Coasters

    Favorite Superhero or Villain Rides/Coasters

    As the title says. What are your favorite coasters and theme park rides themed around or named after a superhero or villain. For the rides it doesnt matter what kind of ride it is from flumes to dark rides or drop towers it really doesn't matter but in a nutshell what are your favorite...
  16. Chris Coasters

    Fair Cred, Santa's Village, Story Land & Funworld June 27-30

    I recently went on a trip to New Hampshire with my grandparents and little brother. We went to Santa's Village, Story Land, and Funworld Game Center. But before the trip to New Hampshire on Thursday the 27th I picked up this traveling Orient Express cred by Rockwell Amusements at the Bristol...
  17. Chris Coasters

    Coney Island and Dollywood April Vacation

    So I know this is a little late but I am finally getting around to doing it. On April 13th I went with my dad, stepmom and little brother to Coney Island on our way to Mississippi. We left early in the morning of the 13th and drove up to Brooklyn for my first park of the 2013 coaster season. We...
  18. Chris Coasters

    Half a Coaster

    I was scrolling through the rankings on coaster-count and I noticed that some of the people have a half to the end of there count. Such as 355 1/2 or 784 1/2. What to the 1/2's mean? Does it have something to do with what the individuals count as a coaster or what?