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  1. Youngster Joey

    Herschend Buying Kentucky Kingdom

    Kentucky Kingdom has started teasing something. Reddit seems to think the map connects all the Herschend properties. Decide for yourself
  2. Youngster Joey

    Dorney Park to add a modern Wooden Coaster in 2019?

    Lance posted this to screamscape tonight "Rumor - (7/2/18) The latest rumors suggest that Dorney Park has filed permits to build a new coaster... and from the look of an image that leaked, it will be a new wooden coaster that will take up the old Stinger site and the area behind it, but not...
  3. Youngster Joey

    Six Flags adds more parks to its umbrella

    Welp. This happened "The parks joining the Six Flags family are: Wet n’ Wild Splashtown, Houston’s largest waterpark, with more than 48 lush acres and a wide selection of thrilling waterslides...
  4. Youngster Joey

    Knoebels | Impulse | Zierer Vertical Lift Coaster

    Knoebels has been teasing a major addition for 2015 Here's the Original Post from their Facebook page And Today they posted this to their Facebook Page Knoebels confirmed it...
  5. Youngster Joey

    Canada's Wonderland 2014 Attraction

    So It appears to be confirmed that Canada's Wonderland will be getting a new attraction in 2014 built inside Wonder Mountain. Well According to screamscape that is. I'm wondering if Cedar Fair is testing that new dark ride concept at...
  6. Youngster Joey

    Star Wars at a Disney Park

    Star Wars will be going to a Disney Park. That's about all we know. Here's the rest and let the speculation begin
  7. Youngster Joey

    Kennywood Expansion

    According to Screamscape, As for use Will it be used for anything beyond that, I'd wager so. Just not sure for what...
  8. Youngster Joey

    Oscars 2013

    As I suspect I'm not the only one who will watch the oscars this year so here's a place to discuss them. Having only seen all of the nominations for best animated that's what I will comment on. If Wreck-it Ralph doesn't win best animated picture tonight its a snub. If Brave wins the...
  9. Youngster Joey

    New Chance Hyper-Lite Coaster Type

    While browsing screamscape I came across this article of a new coaster type from Chance. The Hyper-lite. To me it's clear that this ride is meant as "competition" to Intamin's Mega-lite...
  10. Youngster Joey

    Six Flags "Platinum Pass"

    So I was looking around to see if six flags has some kind pass to get me into any Six Flags park this season. I might have missed it due to not having significant time to search. If they do have it is it cheaper at specific parks, and how many parks make the pass worthwhile price wise Thanks
  11. Youngster Joey

    Disneyland Big Thunder Mountain Extended Refurbishment

    According to the Disney Parks Blog, Big Thunder Mountain Will Close January 7th for an extended refurbishment and re-open in Fall 2013. Refurbishments will include new trains, new track, and repainting the mountain itself. More Info here...
  12. Youngster Joey

    The Israel/Palestine issue.

    Mod Edit: I've split this topic from the political discussion as it's become a complete subject on its own and is an interesting discussion point. Here are the relevant points leading to this discussion, quoted from the other topic: ^How is Israel defending itself being a massive dick?
  13. Youngster Joey

    Which Jack Rabbit is older?

    So I'm doing a research paper about the 10 oldest operating coasters in the world. According to RCDB The Jack Rabbit at Kennywood opened first but that contradicts all of the other information I've seen or heard saying it was the Jack Rabbit at Seabreeze that opened first. I need accurate...
  14. Youngster Joey

    Europa park Adding 12th Coaster in 2014

    Was browsing through RCDB when I came across this page. Having never been to Europa I don't really have much more to add but I was surprised to see it said suspended coaster.
  15. Youngster Joey

    Kennywood losing a major ride in the next few years?

    So this is clearly a rumor and not even one with a particularly great source either but Behind the thrills posted this on Twitter "Hearing a rumor about @Kennywood that could be pretty big" Having just been this past year I decided to send a reply and the following conversation took place Me...
  16. Youngster Joey

    Martin's Fantasy Island

    So I have passed Martin's Fantasy Island dozens and dozens of times and I've never been there. So to anyone who has been to Martin's Fantasy Island is it worth going?
  17. Youngster Joey

    Rumor: Hollywood Studios gets Green Light for Cars Land Personally I hope this isn't true. I personally feel that DHS doesn't need a clone of Cars land and DHS has many other attractions that are planned/rumored they could do instead. The supposed Monster's Inc...
  18. Youngster Joey

    SF Over Texas's Tweet

    So while browsing through twitter I noticed SFoT tweeted this "This memorable photo from 1979 shows The Runaway Mine Train - the world's first tubular steel coaster!" Now I was always under the impression that the "Matterhorn Bobsleds" at Disneyland was the worlds first Tubular Steel coaster...
  19. Youngster Joey

    Top 5 Video Games of All Time

    So what are your top 5 video games? Mine are 5. Kingdom Hearts - Square Enix, PlayStation 2, 2006 4. Halo 2 - Bungie, Xbox, 2004 3. Pokémon Crystal Version - GameFreak, Game Boy Color, 2001 2. Conker's Bad Fur Day - Rare, Nintendo 64, 2001 1. Pokémon Snap - HAL Labrotory, Nintendo 64, 1999
  20. Youngster Joey

    Dreamwork's Theme Park in New Jersey?

    Found this little ditty on a Disney forum I frequent. Could be interesting to see another Entertainment company make a park like Universal and Disney have. Let's see if the NFL will block it though.