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  1. EthC

    Sansei Technologies Buys Vekoma

    Well according to this article atleast it seams Sansei Technologies, the people who own S&S currently have bought out Vekoma. Some of the Press quotes from the article. Quite interesting development, will be exciting to see what comes of this hopefully. Source...
  2. EthC

    Europa Park "Project V"

    So Europa have started Teasing a new major attraction. Called project V, it has been seen that they have been filming and have taken that pick in the Netherlands area. According to Europa Street It could cost up to 25 Million Euros and Loopings are saying that insiders have told them it will be...
  3. EthC

    New Chessington Long Term Development Plan

    So Chessington has released a proposed master plan for its park's future, the biggest news from this is them wanting to put either what looks like a KumbaK Water Coaster or a Juvelen type coaster as a signiture ride in its park! As well as this they want to put a brand new lodge hotel facility...
  4. EthC

    Alton Towers SW8

    This is on the site of The Flume by the way. Exciting stuff!
  5. EthC

    Gateway Holiday Park Proposed Theme Park Expansion Llanelli

    So I found this today. Source: ... story.html While I think this plan will happen, I think Oakwood having a contender would be a good thing to make them push forward as a theme park to strive to make the place better then the state it is in now ...
  6. EthC

    Legoland Windsor Install Zamperla Disk'O ... of-windsor Not sure anyone has posted about this... By the looks of it Legoland have gone and got them selves a Zamperla Disk'O ride. Looks to be the basic one and not the one like Kobra at Chessington. Kept it very quiet! Maybe because of the traffic...
  7. EthC

    Fantasy Island Owners Have Gone Bust

    Company behind Fantasy Island goes into Administration The company which owns an amusement park in Skegness has gone into administration. Conduit Skegness Limited, and associated group trading companies, own Fantasy Island - which includes theme park rides, Europe’s largest permanent seven-day...
  8. EthC

    Hershey Park 2015 Attraction

    So Hershey Park have released this teaser website for a 2015 attraction. The site has a bit of a pop arty/ circus theme to it so I guess that is the theme in question for this new ride. Any thoughts?
  9. EthC

    Europa Park announces Water Park

    Exciting news!! Europa-Park has finally announced its water park. general facts: - in development for 3 years now, but the idea has been around for 10 years - at 30 ha (74 acres), it will be the biggest in Europe, and one of the biggest in the world - inspired by international parks such as...
  10. EthC

    18 year old Killed on Inferno in Terra Mitica

    A 18 year old has died on Monday at five o'clock in the afternoon at the amusement park Terra Mitica, Benidorm, to fly out of attraction 'Inferno', after failing harness protection and the victim sank. As confirmed by the Security council Benidorm, José Marcet, the now deceased is a...
  11. EthC

    Alton Towers announces "The Enchanted Village"

    From TTF: This is great in my opinion, it looks great and it is nice to see Alton expand even more!
  12. EthC

    Efteling | Baron 1898 | B&M Dive Coaster

    Efteling have announced on their facebook page that they will be getting a 37.5m tall dive coaster as a signature ride for their park! It will cost 18 million euros and will be their biggest ride in the park! The statement translated from google translate so sorry for bad english. Personally...
  13. EthC

    Battlestar Galactica: Human Vs Cyclon closes for good?

    Source: ... 34087.html Another coaster closing down after not a long time open.
  14. EthC

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4...

    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 has been released... as a mobile app... and it looks ****!!
  15. EthC

    Ring Racer is to be removed from the Nurburgring!

    Source: So yeah Ring Racer is getting removed from the Nurburgring, supposidly to another town in the region, if anyone can be bothered to buy the thing after all the trouble it's had... What do you guys think about this.
  16. EthC

    Thorpe Park 2014 Map

    The style has completely changed but they have managed to make it even less understandable. They have even missed out quantum completely. The new angry Birds names are Detonator:Bombs Away and King Pig's Wild Hog Dodgem I can only post a image from the IOS App as it is only on there but im sure...
  17. EthC

    BBC 3 To Be Axed.

    So BBC have decided to axe their youth channel BBC3, in apparent cost cutting measures. This hosted shows like: Family Guy Russell Howard's Good News Sun, Sex and suspicious parents Impractical Jokes Ja'mie: Private School Girl Being Human Pramface and Don't Tell The Bride as well as the many...
  18. EthC

    Christmas 2013

    Since tomorrow is December and the start of advent, I thought would be an apt topic. Love it or hate it Christmas in near and I for one am very excited, not really for presents (I literally haven't asked for anything) but more the spirit of it all, plus the family bought our first real...
  19. EthC

    Oakwood's Brer Rabbit Dark Ride Closes for new development!

    So Oakwood's developer Diary announced this today: SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT... RIDE BRER RABBIT FOR THE LAST TIME! Since 2001 our Brer Rabbit ride has been entertaining guests of all ages. Although intended as a ride to primarily entertain the youngsters, Brer Rabbit has actually proven to be a...