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    CURSED [Mack Rides Xtreme Spinning Coaster] progress

    So, I'm back in the NL2 scene and I'm kicking it off with a Mack Xtreme spinning coaster. Track-work is almost complete. There will be a small amount of 3D work and maybe a station while I'm at it. I might make some custom spinning cars for it, or just put the MS cars on. Not sure yet. I'll see...
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    Six Flags Mexico Fire

    Six Flags Mexico is on fire. From the video, I gather that its a games stall that caught alight and unfortunately, it has affected the new Medusa coaster! ... xique.html
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    If You Was To Buy a Woodie...

    If you were a park owner and had the opportunity to buy a wooden roller coaster, what manufacturer would you pick and why? The technology of wooden coasters have greatly improved over the past few years and there are a few key players that make it extremely hard to chose from, to create the...
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    Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 discussion

    Yep! And hmmm...
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    Common Courtesy!

    To the coaster gaming community. Whether you download an RCT park or a Nolimits track, please remember to leave comments or feedback! As the creator of a park or track, we put a lot of time and effort into a project. This can sometimes run into weeks or even months, depending on the type of...
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    OMG - Under Construction [NL1]

    OMG - Under Construction Stats Height - OMG Length - OMG Speed - OMG G's - OMG
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    B&M's current MCBR positioning

    I'm just wondering why on all new B&M coasters with 3+ trains, they've decided to put the MCBR towards the end of the ride and not in the middle like they used to? Gatekeeper and Shambhala are among the two recent examples of this. Is it better for throughputs / dispatch?
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    Project 10 - New Project.

    Project 10, Under construction..
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    Runaway Mine Train, runs away again!

    Coming from TT's Facebook page, the Runaway Mine at Alton Towers has decoupled again! ... =1&theater ... =1&theater Not a great run for Merlin this year..
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    Disney Flat Rides

    I've just been wondering who the manufacturers are for Disney's flat rides and their smaller dark rides like Pinocchio? Just something that popped into mind and if you can answer, that would be great! :)
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    Themed Smell

    We all seem to talk about theming, but never include smell as part of the experience... Now, I just want to use this topic to compile a list of themed aroma companies. If you have any, share! Dale Air: Sinister Scents: Kool Fog...
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    If you were the opposite sex...

    If you were the of the opposite sex for one day, what would you do? We all understand that you'd wanna have sex / play with your bits / stand in the mirror and look at yourself, but apart from that... I would go on a shopping spree, just to understand what women feel and how they can justify...
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    Theme Park Pet Hates?

    My theme park pet hate is the use of floor bricks. I think they look hideous and add nothing to the atmosphere. I think a lot of theme parks miss the ball when it comes to flooring. They think its just something to walk on, when in fact, its a major binder for the entire theme. Frontierland at...
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    Have you ever poo'd in a theme park?

    Sometimes, we get caught short and when you gotta go, you gotta go. Luckily, I've never needed a poo at a theme park, but I've needed a wee countless times.. Question is, have you been for a poo in a theme park toilet?
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    The One Day Project: SCAIR - DOWNLOAD NOW!

    So I have a day off from work and I've set myself a task to construct a hand-built, hand-smoothed roller coaster in Nolimits. I started at 9am this morning and I will be releasing this tonight. If I have enough time, I will also give this a 3DS station and some little touches here and there...
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    Enthusiast Theme Park

    I read a couple years ago that there was a small amusement park, set up by a roller coaster enthusiast. I used to have the parks name / links but I've lost them. So now my curiosity has circled, i'm interested to take a look again. If anybody knows the name of the park and could link me, that...
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    Thorpe 2013

    So it's only a matter of months away before Thorpe Park opens again. There have been a few rumours flying around and I'd like to share a couple that I've heard from good sources. Make of them what you will and fly some thoughts. X:NWO - Cars have finally been turned forwards and could find a...
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    Whats the last thing you put in your mouth?

    As the title says - wotz da last fing u put in ur mowf? I'll start: Carlsberg
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    Support hugging!

    Have you ever hugged a roller coaster support as a train has whizzed by, just to feel the rumble of the train? I admit it, I've done it a couple times just for the crack / video / photo ops. If you wanna go goony about it, which supports are your favourites? My favourite is the supports of...
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    Wot tingz did u get 4 xmas?

    I don't usually celebrate Christmas, but my Dad got me a BSA air rifle. Quite chuffed :D So guys n gals, what did you all get?