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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    I guess it all boils down too what their target audience is. I know they wont ever reach the scale and theming of EP but I hope they give it a good shot
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Jesus this park never stops, Just hope they stop with the coasters soon and focus on well themed areas, Flat rides. Do we know the size of the whole park compared to EP?
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    I guess right now can they warrant a hotel with not much entertainment value after park hours. It would just be crash pad until the next day, Would be nice to see some entertainment venues in place. Do you feel they are going to coaster heavy?
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    Energylandia's Future Additions

    Does anyone feel Energylandia need to start building some more flat/Dark rides now. On site hotel is going to be needed to make it a much rounded resorted. Just be interesting to see their next 10 year vision.
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    Energylandia | Choco Chip Creek | Vekoma Minetrain | 2022

    Are we happy to see EL carry on building coasters or do you think they are at a point now where they need to focus on Flat/Dark rides to make it a complete all rounder?
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    What's next for PortAventura?

    Afternoon guys, I am new to the forum so this is my first ever post. As a big PortAventure land I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on their next investment, I know Ferrari land wasnt to long ago but I feel some dark rides are much needed in the park. Is there anything you would like to see...