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  1. DelPiero

    Which Coasters Have You Had a Zen Ride On?

    I've had a few, excluding the kiddy creds, some of my faves; Prowler @ Worlds of Fun - CF platinum pass gives(gave?) you 15 mins early access, went in via the waterpark entrance and managed 3 solo rides before Howie was let in the park 😂 Wildfire @ Kolmarden - The week it opened the park was...
  2. DelPiero

    Your Wacky Worm Count.

    39 Wacky Worms = 7% currently. Still not overly worrying.
  3. DelPiero

    Park with the most extreme quality gap?

    Yeah but neither of the kiddy creds at Kolmarden are so awful you never want to ride them again. Like, built by satan himself as torture devices awful.
  4. DelPiero

    Park with the most extreme quality gap?

    Steel Vengeance Vs Mean Streak - One of the worst creds I've ever ridden got turned into my number 1, the gap in quality between these 2 is so big they literally destroyed it to make the best ride in the world. Doesn't count? Fine. Zadra Vs Viking Roller Coaster for sure. Honorary mentions to...
  5. DelPiero

    Your Coaster Years

    82 - Big Apple - Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach 83 - Big Loop - Heide Park 84 - Magic Dragon - Camel Creek Adventure Park 85 - Phoenix - Knoebels 86 - La Vibora - Six Flags Over Texas 87 - Big Apple - Botton's Pleasure Beach 88 - Jetline - Grona Lund 89 - Treetops Rollercoaster - Oakwood 90 -...
  6. DelPiero

    What is your favourite traditional (non-RMC or Intamin prefab) wooden coaster?

    Difficult one, as The Voyage is pretty damn amazing, as is Boulder Dash, and Phoenix. They all rank in my top 25. But for me, it's Renegade @ Valleyfair. It's no longer in my top 10 but it was up until fairly recently. Cracker of a woodie.
  7. DelPiero

    Last Cred Review

    Back from Hansa yesterday after my first trip there. Lovely park, bit small (and a bit cold 🥶), but a really charming park. Karnan - Expected to love this but actually I didn't. Would really like to go back when it's a bit warmer though as I feel a lot of my grumbles would be improved in warm...
  8. DelPiero

    Favourite coaster inversions?

    Yes, this is up there, my fave part of the ride.
  9. DelPiero

    Alton Towers | Nemesis | B&M Retrack | TBC

    If a cred has been fully replaced, as in every inch of it has been changed, then it's a new cred. Not happening in this case as lift hill, station and brake run aren't being changed. Same as Hulk. However, if the changes substantially change the ride experience so much that it doesn't feel...
  10. DelPiero

    Top 10(ish): 2022 Edition - page 109

    Love that Fury is still wowing old timers like you ;)
  11. DelPiero

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Unfortunately FLY just isn't in the same league as Hyperion, Maverick, or Taron. Let alone the RMCs. Its a great coaster for what it is, but it's not quite a worldwide top 20 coaster. So for that reason, PL is out. Taron is significantly better than Maverick too, multiple night rides on Taron...
  12. DelPiero

    Last Cred Review

    I know right. It's the Vegas tax, the park at Circus Circus was a total rip off as well.
  13. DelPiero

    Rides You Can No Longer Handle?

    Spinny stuff, more than one in a row is a total no-go. Nearly vommed last year after doing 4 spin and spews in a row. Clearly old now.
  14. DelPiero

    Your Least Common Opinion?

    Not an uncommon opinion at all fella. Fab little thread here discussing it - I think Energylandia has it by a whisker from CP with SV and Maverick and there's a few other contenders. But I think you could definitely argue...
  15. DelPiero

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster? (UK's tallest coaster) | 2023/2024

    I'm not writing the ride off, just voicing my frustration that the one theme park operating company who has the ability to deliver a truly world class ride has gone for a record/USP and not utilised the opportunity to it's potential, like they always do. Still excited for the airtime and...
  16. DelPiero

    Thorpe Park | Project Exodus | Mack Hyper Coaster? (UK's tallest coaster) | 2023/2024

    8 seconds is a long time at speed though. The 8 seconds following Steel Vengeance's brake run involves 3 airtime hills. Following Zadra's amazing twisty turnaround is 8 seconds of double down, twisty section and up into the final inversion. Zadra is the benchmark for short and punchy. It's...
  17. DelPiero

    ENSO; “Icon with a twist” opening at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2022

    There's no chance I'm paying that. Mack spinners suffer from "great ride roulette" as I like to call it, and this is on one of the worst Macks around. I'm not paying that kind of money for a chance of a slightly better ride. Of course there will be people that do, but imagine if there are...
  18. DelPiero

    What is your mentality towards riding kiddie coasters?

    There have been times where I've got out of my way for a ****ty +1. Like the one at Funworld near Boston. I was bored, no plans for the evening and the cred was just over an hour away. No bother. Or Python's pit in Kansas City. We were in town for Worlds of Fun and had a spare evening the...
  19. DelPiero

    Last Cred Review

    The Big Apple - Aka The Manhattan Express (540) Just got back from Vegas where I just had to ride the infamous cred on the New York Casino. It definitely looks the part, and is much taller than I thought, the lift hill and first hill are hidden around the back of the casino. Unfortunately...
  20. DelPiero

    Great rides on coasters you dislike

    This. Exactly this! Did a front row ride with Jordan which was really good, amazing launch, great sense of speed and a fun inversion without any rattling. Then a back row outside seat with Hixee which is one of the worst rides I've ever had on a coaster, the pain, omg 😭