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    What is one park that you wish was under different ownership?

    What is one park that you wish was under different ownership?
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    Most fitting coaster names

    hello, in your opinion what are the most fitting names for roller coasters?
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    What would the Great America parks look like if they stayed under Marriott

    Hello, what do you all think the Great America parks (Six Flags Great America and California’s Great America) would look like today if Marriott’s ownership and did not go separate ways?
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    Wicked Cyclone or Twisted Cyclone?

    which RMC redo of the iconic Cyclone do you prefer?
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    Great rides on coasters you dislike

    hello, what is a good/fantastic ride on a coaster that you strongly dislike or even hate?
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    Defunct coasters you wish you could've ridden

    Hello everyone, what are some rides that are now defunct you wish you could have ridden for any reason before it became defunct?
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    Favorite Arrow Looper/corkscrew coaster

    What is your favorite Arrow Dynamics looper or corckscrew
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    How do you feel about Rock 'N' Roller coaster (Hollywood Studios)

    Hello, I wonder what your opinion is on Rock 'N' Roller coaster at Hollywood Studios FL. I personally do not enjoy this ride as I found it to be uncomfortable apart from the launch which was the only part of the ride I truly enjoyed. I only did get to ride this once and I might need to ride it again
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    Is Apollo's chariot really the first B&M hyper?

    Apollo's chariot is located at Busch Garden Williamsburg is 170 FT tall with a 210FT drop, it is often considered the first B&M hyper however it does not reach the 200FT mark so iI would like to ask is it the first ever B&M hyper or does that honor go to raging bull?
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    Arie Force One or Iron Gwazi

    Hello everyone, which of the two upcoming RMC coasters are you more excited from an overall standpoint
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    cool backyard coasters

    Hello everyone, I was thinking it would be cool to have a thread dedicated to cool backyard coasters that you find and want to share.
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    how do you feel about fright fest

    at my home park i like freight fest but it is just a mediocre fright event
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    Best six flags park

    There are 15 currently operating Six Flags park in North America but which one is the best?
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    RMC American Eagle?

    American Eagle is a large wooden dueling coaster that can be found at Six Flags Great America in Illinois. it and was the first-ever large-scale Intamin coaster opening in 1981, in the past, there has been much debate on whether this should remain open or be given the RMC treatment.
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    What Started As A Matterhorn Question And Is Now A Merged General Discussion On What Counts as Coaster Credit

    The Matterhorn at Disneyland which is the first-ever tubular steel coaster has two tracks according to RCDB the left track is 2,037 ft long and 2 minutes and 7 seconds long while the right track is 2,134 ft long and is 2 minutes and 26 seconds long. this brings me to my question, does the...