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    CANCELLED - Helix Må Kex | LISEBERG | 2nd - 3rd May 2020

    This year, we're going Swedish! We'll be going meatballs deep in all that Liseberg has to offer, from the new-for-CF Dive Machine Valkyria, CF favourite Helix and Underland, the park's new for 2020 dark ride! Transport For this live, you will be expected to arrange your own transport, however...
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    World's Fastest For Wanda Wuxi?

    I'm just on Wanda's site and it says they're building the world's fastest cred in Wuxi. Any ideas what this is about? I can't upload a pic but link...
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    Cedar Point or Kings Island

    OK, simple question - which park do you prefer, Cedar Point or Kings Island? Cedar Point isn't as great as it's made out to be, granted, but it's got three 'good' B&Ms, Millennium Force, fabulous Maverick, iconic TTD and Magnum, and some great water rides. It also has a lovely location and a...
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    Your B&M Count

    So, there's currently 95 operating B&Ms across the Planet, and I'd like to know how many of those everyone has done! We haven't had a bragging topic in a while and I have a spreadsheet that allows me to answer easily - 70. Air, Alton Towers Nemesis, Alton Towers Oblivion, Alton Towers Kumba...
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    Butterflys Are Not Roller Coasters

    I mean, they're really not, can we talk about this? I've been updating my count lately and taken off things that are considered borderline, including Nautic Jets, but why oh why are Butterflys counted? The only characteristic they have of a roller coaster is they "coast", but not on a proper...
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    Ben and Darren's Fab Spite-Free East Coast Trip

    Today was top bants. We got to Clacton last night, stayed at a fab B&B and had a Spoons dinner followed by a night on the tiles in Clacton, watching a band play to an exclusive audience of 13 (11 if you don't count their mum and brother). We got up and had a fab breakfast that came with the...
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    GCI (possibly a Big Fun) for Fun Spot, Florida

    Just noticed this on TPR's Facebook page... "It was announced this evening on a podcast that Fun Spot Action Park will be getting a Great Coasters International wooden roller coaster! We don't know too many details, but will post them as soon as we find out! LIKE this if you LIKE this!!! =)"...
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    Qatar, Hong Kong, People's Republic of China - COMPLETE

    Well, this trip has officially started and we're currently boiling our tits off in Doha, Qatar. It's nice but GOD is it a headache to get stuff sorted here. And Ramadan is a bit of a BURDEN <///3 More later...
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    Knowsley Safari Park, Knightleys and Barmouth

    So, as glamarous as life is, we went round England and Wales for CREDS today. Rugby <3 Fail. On the Big Apple at Knowsley. It didn't open for about an hour after we arrived which was SPITEFUL. Then it did open. We had chips whilst waiting. Then it was off to Towyn, Wales <///3 Where...
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    Finland - Särkänniemi & Linnanmäki

    Too tired to do a proper report now, but, it was amazing! All I'll say is... ELEPHANT.
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    Zippin Pippin - GG Woodie for Bay Beach Amusement Park

    Couldn't find a topic, but, a park in Green Bay, Wisconsin is getting a woodie, which is apparently some sort of "recreation" of some old woodie somewhere? Anyway, Gravity Group <3
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    Las Vegas' Speed In Trouble?

    ... I hope. So, the Sahara is going to shut, and that is the casino where Speed is. Personally, I hope it gets melted down to scrap metal and made into something more useful. It's an awful, awful ride, don't care what anyone says. The resort "might" apparently move... Don't really see...
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    The Wizarding World of Harry Potter... London?

    Now, I know this has already been discussed last year when Boris was talking about wanting one, but, it seems like it MIGHT... MIGHT... actually be moving ahead... Sort of...
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    Ocean Park, Hong Kong |"Hair Raiser"| B&M Floorless

    Ocean Park in Hong Kong are getting a nice, bright yellow B&M stand up... with a Zero-G! Quite looking forward to this since I'll be riding it <3
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    New 4D For China

    So, there is a God, and S&S are building a new 4D coaster, this time in China! from the S&S press office: ... -15-10.pdf
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    Annual Pass Questions

    OK, I feel a bit dumb having to start this, but, whatever! I want a new annual pass. I now have to buy it though, sadly. My question is, online at the moment you can get 20% off. But, I'm not going to be able to collect mine for like, a month. If I buy it NOW, does it "start" from now, or...
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    Intimidator 305 - Kings Dominion Giga coaster Well, this is interesting.
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    Superman: Ride of Steel... 2? It would appear that after X2, Six Flags is branching out the concept to Superman Ride of Steel up at SFNE. I say good - those trains are horrible and the ride doesn't ride that well, and an improvement on the...
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    Behemoth/East Coast TPR Trips PTR

    Now, let me just say before I start this, this is a PTR I did for TPR just copied and pasted, so there'll probably be a lot of crap that doesn't make too much sense on here as I go along, but, whatever, I aint writing two trip reports so, live with it. OK, so I figured that although there’ll...