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  1. gopats1479

    Six Flags St. Louis 2013

    Today I had the pleasure of visiting one of my favorite parks for a day. The weather was beautiful and the crowds were incredibly low for some reason (I don't think St. Louis schools are out yet). I'll go through the good, bad, ugly, and mediocre. Good -The lines were short, allowing us to...
  2. gopats1479

    Six Flags St. Louis | "Boomerang" | Boomerang

    Just looked on SFStL's Facebook and was excited to learn about any new developments for next year's ride...until I read this: What has an elbow, but can leave your side? I don't know what you guys think, but it certainly sounds like a Boomerang to me. Stay tuned for more updates.
  3. gopats1479

    Plymouth Farms--A Patriot Amusements Park

    Just to get some ideas for the new park. Rant and rave on what needs improvement from my older parks. If you haven't seen my work, take a look at the older threads and tell me what you think of my stuff. I would love to hear all of your opinions. Also, I will be running a poll for the park's...
  4. gopats1479

    Best Woodie Combo

    Exactly what it says. Just rant and rave about your favorite parks for woodies!
  5. gopats1479

    Recent CS Creations

    This is a topic for posting new CS that you might have found and like or new CS that you have created. This will also include some polls from time to time about what the best CS set is in certain categories (i.e. supports, path accessories, etc.). Thought of starting this topic after browsing CS...
  6. gopats1479

    Maple Farms--A Patriot Amusements Theme Park

    So, while I wait for you guys to vote in the Orchard Farms poll, I have decided to make its sister park: Maple Farms! It will be in a similar setting, but with an entirely different approach. It will be done in Sandbox mode as well (more on that later). Here's the approach/backstory: Maple Farms...
  7. gopats1479

    Orchard Farms--A Patriot Amusements Park

    Coming soon...the next big park from gopats1479: Orchard Farms! Stay tuned for more info. Also, coming soon to Orchard Farms:
  8. gopats1479

    CLOSED: Operation Bluegrass Boardwalk

    Coming soon: My first RCT3 project! The park is named Bluegrass Boardwalk. It is not a replica of the failed revival of SFKK. I just thought that the name would sound good. More pics and updates to follow, including a B&M Mega coaster!