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  1. Sandman

    Your Coaster Years

    Perhaps a tedious task for most, but this one is for my fellow procrastinators. Name a cred that opened in each year of your life (that you've ridden). E.g, here's my list: 1991 - The Ultimate 1992 - Calamity Mine 1993 - Batman The Ride 1994 - Nemesis 1995 - Dragon Khan 1996 - Colorado...
  2. Sandman

    2 Wallys, 1 Plop (April 2022)

    Not too long ago, in a galaxy not that far away… Howie and I decided we should take a short trip over to the mainland (specifically Belgium and Netherlands) to mop up some of the new, shiny creds that everyone’s been talking about. The plan was fairly simple: Fly into Eindhoven on Wednesday...
  3. Sandman

    The Longevity of Modern Mack Coasters

    This topic comes off the back of the recent rumours regarding Kumba. Whilst Kumba's supposed removal is unconfirmed, we are now seeing many of these 'old school' B&M coasters possibly teetering on the edge of their lifespan(s). Hulk has had the privilege of a full re-track, and Nemesis is...
  4. Sandman

    Your favourite and least favourite indoor coaster

    Indoor coasters. Not often ranked very highly, perhaps the ultimate 'filler' coaster in many people's eyes. So, what is your favourite/least favourite? Off the top of my head I'd probably go - Favourite: Psyke Underground at Walibi Belgium A Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loop in a giant tube? Yes...
  5. Sandman

    What is the best relocated coaster operating today?

    Simple question - what's the best relocated coaster (in your opinion) still operating today? Answers based on the relocation version only, no original version(s).
  6. Sandman

    Coasters that deserve a full re-track/makeover...

    With the recent news of proposed plans to re-track good old Nemesis, I've been wondering to myself whether we'll see this with any more iconic coasters in the near future. As eagle eyed enthusiasts, we are used to seeing fairly decent, respectable coasters fade into old age and inevitably...
  7. Sandman

    Which movie could your #1 coaster be based on?

    If you had to base your favourite coaster on a movie, which would it be and why? You don't have to factor in the coaster's pre-existing themes (if it has one). So for example, Oblivion's theme doesn't have to influence your movie of choice. It could be a completely different aesthetic...
  8. Sandman

    Worst Ride Sponsorships

    There have been some pretty jarring ride sponsorships over the years... which in your opinion is the worst and why?
  9. Sandman

    What is your favourite type of theme park merch?

    Just keeping it simple for this one, what is your fave type or merch to buy at parks? Are there any particular collections you have built up over the years? I've left maps off the list for this one as they aren't really "merch" as such. I tend to avoid things like theme park clothing and...
  10. Sandman

    Theme Park Anagrams

    Been doing something similar with films with a couple of friends and thought a theme park version would be fun! So, here's 3 coaster anagrams; all European coasters. Can you name all 3? ? 1. SAFER IN JAW 2. TOSS EXPOSER 3. DRUDGERY UNSPOKEN Bonus points if you know what links all 3!
  11. Sandman

    Unsure creds

    Anyone else have that problem where you aren't quite sure if you've been on a particular coaster or not? I've got a couple of examples of my own, but the one that bugs me most of all is The Gauntlet at Camelot. I used to visit Camelot fairly often as a kid, and I have lots of vivid memories of...
  12. Sandman

    BPB Opening Day 2019

    Hi guys, I'll keep it brief. Hadn’t been to the park since March 2017, at which point Icon was merely a muddy pit on the former Tom Sawyer bridge site with no name or brand. Since I was back up north to see the family I figured it was only fair to give the place a visit, even though I knew it’d...
  13. Sandman

    A Series of Unfortunate Delays - Europa Park/Tripsdrill September 2018

    Well, it’s been a busy few months for me but I’ve finally managed to sit down with a cuppa and make some progress on this report. Only 4 months delayed, but hopefully that will give it some maturity, much like a fine wine. In case you missed the rather obvious title, this trip took place in...
  14. Sandman

    Sandman goes Stateside

    So about 5 weeks ago I finally got my first taste of the US with a trip to NYC. This wasn’t really a coaster orientated trip as we were celebrating my other half graduating. Luckily we agreed to spend a day at both Six Flags Great Adventure and Coney Island to ease my cred withdrawals. We flew...
  15. Sandman

    The Boxing/Combat Sports Thread

    Unsure if this thread will really go anywhere, but worth a shot nevertheless. Any boxing/combat sport fans around? Just noticed that Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin has been announced for Wembley in September, so very much looking forward to that battle. Loads of big fights due to be made...
  16. Sandman

    Theme park moments that gave you goosebumps

    The title says it all really... Perhaps for you it was a coaster experience or merely the sight of a coaster you have worshipped for a long time. A memorable goosebump moment for me was the lead up to my first proper night ride on Taron. The first 20 seconds of this track played loud and...
  17. Sandman

    Best park for flat rides?

    Although coasters tend to steal the spotlight at most major theme parks, flat rides are always a nice little bonus. Look at Alton Towers for example. A big, reputable park with very little on offer in terms of flat rides. It's a shame that flats can be quite overlooked nowadays, with many parks...
  18. Sandman

    Best Spinner Manufacturer

    Each manufacturer seems to produce quite a different style of spinning coaster. It'd be interesting to see which type people prefer best. So, which is it? Let's base this on quality not quantity, since Intamin isn't that notable for this coaster type, but perhaps some people prefer their limited...
  19. Sandman

    RCT3 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach

    Since my computer can't handle the greatness of Planet Coaster, I've recently decided to spend a bit of time on an old project - a recreation of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Seen a few attempts on YouTube etc, but don't think anyone has managed to overcome many of the limits of RCT3. I've not done...
  20. Sandman

    Best Introductory Coasters

    I expect I'm not alone on this. Occasionally I'll find myself persuading non-goon friends to come and visit some new parks with me. There's something really great about getting your friends on rides you love just so you can gauge their reactions. This got me thinking about which coasters I would...