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  1. andrus

    Overrated and Underrated Roller Coasters

    The only problem I have with Rita is that it's way too short. And Furius Baco, besides being rough, is a ****ing faboulus ride! Think I'll love Maverick ?
  2. andrus

    Your Top Danish Coaster(s)

    1) Juvelen 2) Orkanen 3) Piraten 4) Rutschebanen 5) Thors hammare And out of those Juvelen is the true stand-out coaster! Faboulus ride ? The only danish coaster to make my top 10.
  3. andrus

    Best coaster lineup in terms of quality?

    I would probably say Phantasialand. The park really don't got any bad coaster apart from Temple of the Nighthawk which is meh, but not rough or bad in any manner. Black Mamba is the best invert out there, and Taron is widely considered on of the best launch coasters. Colorado Adventure is up...
  4. andrus

    Coasters that surprised you

    Glad to read that someone else enjoys Flight Deck :) My current #3 B&M invert. Short but sweet. Nice zero-g above the entrance, powerful inversions and wonderful final helix above the pond!!
  5. andrus

    Sun Tzu Culture Park | Catapult Roller Coaster | Launched S&S

    This coaster looks really neat! I still like the layout of Bullet Coaster the best, but this should be great too. Anyone know if this is another design by Alan Schilke? Sure looks so.
  6. andrus

    Another Prototype on the Vekoma Test Site

    Twistyness and color scheme reminds me of Powder Keg. Looks interesting.
  7. andrus

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    ^Tatsu has a zero-g roll. I'm sure there are others. I haven't read through all of the discussion, but I'm definitely with balrog in that a zero-g roll on a flyer doesn't actually invert. If they count as an inversion so would (outside) top hats on regular coasters, as they put the riders in...
  8. andrus

    Six Flags 2018 Announcements

    It's great to see some parks pick up on the ABC Tourbillon! It looks like such a unique concept :) Don't know what it will ride like, but it's a very interesting ride for spectators.
  9. andrus

    Olaf's best trip yet

    ^Well, Liseberg owns it. I'm sure some one else operates it. But it is definitely Liseberg's parking. There are Liseberg logos att every entrance, and there is even Liseberg staff patrolling the parking lot.
  10. andrus

    Olaf's best trip yet

    Huh?! Liseberg has it's own parking lot just south of the park, 0m from the south entrance. There's also a huge multi-story parking deck just next to the main entrance. Parking is really easy at Liseberg (just not always cheap). And all the info is on their web page :) Otherwise a good trip...
  11. andrus

    Interest in an ask-an-op thread?

    ^Interesting information Joey! But I have the same question as Howie: which ride manufacturer is the easiest/smoothest to operate? I know that the biggest factor behind a good capacity is staff/routines. But there must be some difference between rides as well. And what rides do you prefer...
  12. andrus

    New IMAscore ride music for Troy

    That is really sad :( I hope they keep the old soundtrack in some form. The new IMA score is "ok" I guess. But it does not compare at all to the old catchy tune, which does suite the park and it's audience a lot better.
  13. andrus

    Headchoppers and Hands

    Yes, I've heard of this too. And since the clearence on Balder looks pretty close I put my hands down in the tunnels. I also know from the CF live that you can hit your hands pretty hard on the vegetation over at Helix. And if you're tall enough you can even hit your head(!) if not cearful Odin...
  14. andrus

    Best Ride Interaction Moment?

    To be fair Piraten in Batavia is just a copy of Pirates of the Caribbean at Disneyland, which opened two decades earlier, with the boats passing by dining guests. It's a great concept though! Just that Disney deserves the credit =)
  15. andrus


    Tbh the restraints of Skyrush and Mack are nothing alike. While Skyrush only has a thin bar touching your thighs, the Mack restraints are more akin to B&M clamshells; with a large area of contact which snuggs nicely around your thighs.
  16. andrus

    The Perfect Coaster

    This is the way I see it too! Not with these exact coasters; but for me there's no one perfect coaster. Sure, on paper Helix and Wildfire look like candidates to be perfect, and it's hard to find a flaw in any of the two coaster layouts. But still none of them are even close to my top coasters...
  17. andrus

    Best Coaster Compliments?

    I don't think DK and Shambs is a good match, like at all. I know I'm in a minority here: but the integration of the two coasters could've been done so much better, and the construction of Shambhala really killed poor Khan.. Let me explain why: First of; Dragon Khan used to be one of the best...
  18. andrus

    Djurs Sommerland | Drage Kongen | Intamin Suspended Family Coaster

    Re: Djurs Sommerland |unknown| Intamin Suspended Family Coas Hahaha! I think Djurs should hire you for their marketing campaign :wink: :lol: But I totally agree: the name is lame. But so is "Piraten" (the Pirate) and "Juvelen" (the Juwel). I think Djurs like tacky names..
  19. andrus

    What other kind of B&M should have a Launch?

    Why would that be imossible? Please elaborate. I'm personsally very intrigued by the idea of a launched flyer! I think the exposed seating position would make the launch feel a lot more intense :)