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  1. Tomatron

    Last Cred Review

    Picked up a couple of new creds for me at Walibi Holland yesterday. Untamed: Was a little slow out of the box by RMC standards, but by the afternoon the trains were flying round. The back is ridiculously good. New entry in to my Top 5 European Coasters. Lost Gravity: Quite shaky at points, and...
  2. Tomatron

    Who makes the best corkscrews?

    What David said. Fantasia Special is fab (well it was when it rode it 12 years ago). Here's a link to Lakeland if you're interested:
  3. Tomatron

    Who makes the best corkscrews?

    Lakeland. Honorable mention to this one by Arrow.
  4. Tomatron

    Vortex is leaving Kings Island

    That bit of the park is becoming an Arrow graveyard. I didn't much care for it. It hasn't aged well, and something better can now go in its place.
  5. Tomatron

    Sea World San Antonio | Texas Stingray | Wooden Coaster

    Good point actually! Unless they've flogged the other two already. If I did a bit of digging I could probably find out either way if they hung on to the other lot after Gwazi closed for good.
  6. Tomatron

    Sea World San Antonio | Texas Stingray | Wooden Coaster

    ^Sounds about right, apart from Gwazi's trains which have already been reused on Invadr.
  7. Tomatron

    Kings Island | Orion | B&M Giga Coaster

    ^Beat me to it 😂 I'm now looking forward to the B&M Sierra Cosworth. It'll be fine. There's a few nice airtime hills, some of which will be sideways, and it'll be loads better than Firehawk.
  8. Tomatron

    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer

    ^ @witchfinder Give all the credit to @DelPiero. I copied his.
  9. Tomatron

    Your first, favourite and least favourite coaster from each manufacturer

    Disappointing lack of Pinfari so far. Arrow First: Revolution @ Blackpool Pleasure Beach Favourite: Tennessee Tornado @ Dollywood Least Favourite: Ninja @ Six Flags StL B&M First: Oblivion @ Alton Towers Favourite: Fury 325 @ Carowinds Least Favourite: Iron Wolf @ SFGam CCI First: Megafobia...
  10. Tomatron

    Michigan's Adventure closing Be-Bop Boulevard (Antique Cars) on August 11!

    Whatever happened to Dorney Park's Invertigo? 😂
  11. Tomatron

    Regina at Tobu Zoo Closing!

    I had a few decent rides on this, but that was getting on for 12 years ago and i imagine it had gone to **** by the time other CFers have ridden it fairly recently. The park is a bit of a dive and I don't think too many people will cry if it just becomes a zoo and the Mega-Lite and other rides...
  12. Tomatron

    Dubious Claims

    Even the Oblivion claim is dubious. Togo Ultra Twister coasters had been doing vertical drops for years.
  13. Tomatron

    Busch Gardens Tampa | Iron Gwazi | RMC Gwazi

    Yeah, there's only gonna be some parts of the old wood structure, the station and that's about it. Track, trains, layout, almost everything else is brand new.
  14. Tomatron

    Rank the Schwarzkopf Loopers

    1. Mindbender (Galaxyland) 2. Magnum Force 3. Bullet 4. Olympia Looping 5. Mindbender (SFOG) 6. Turbine/Greezed Lightnin'/Montezooma's Revenge 7. Scorpion/Twist & Shout 8. Colossus The Fire Dragon/Testrecke 9. Looping Star and the various clones 10. Revolution 11: Sooperdooperlooper
  15. Tomatron

    Your B&M Count

    Added Valravn and Fenix this year, now up to 85 in total.
  16. Tomatron

    Can a coaster ever be too smooth?

    Spite aside, that’s cos they’re talking out of their arses. I took the liberty of watching the vlog and it’s just all kinds of awful. Even the cliff top bit on Iron Rattler is actually fun. The rest of it is just amazing. It’s probably also a good time to have a rant about The Voyage, which I...
  17. Tomatron

    Can a coaster ever be too smooth?

    No. If a coaster is super smooth, it's either been well engineered, well looked after, or both. Neither of those are a bad thing, and whilst people would agree that a bit of roughness can add character to a ride, there's no much thing as a ride being too smooth. I'll talk about the examples...
  18. Tomatron

    Sea World San Antonio | Texas Stingray | Wooden Coaster

    ^That was almost funny if we didn't already know who was building it.
  19. Tomatron

    Sea World San Antonio | Texas Stingray | Wooden Coaster

    It's 99.9999999999% a GCI. And the layout will be fab.
  20. Tomatron

    Aarhus In The Middle of Our Street - Denmark 2019!

    Fab stuff so far. All the Legolands have become so 'meh' - I still have a soft spot for the original one but there's nothing exciting that makes me want to go out the way for them. That said, Ryanair do fly direct to Billund from Manchester now, and like Hixee I'm eyeing up something similar...