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  1. Hyde

    Six Flags Offers Bid to Purchase Cedar Fair

    Details are scarce, but rumor mill is churning today:
  2. Hyde

    Gatekeeper Rolls Back in High Wind

    Cedar Point just can't get a break with northeast winds. Gatekeeper rolled back last night, similar to as has happened in years past with Raptor's turn-headed-into-MCBR. TTD's top hat also has to head into an eastern breeze, which can result in rollbacks during high winds. Interesting to see...
  3. Hyde

    Cedar Fair Buys Two Schlitterbahn Water Parks, With Option for Future Expansion

    Interesting move by Cedar Fair to expand their water park business - they are buying two Schiltterbahn parks (New Braunfels and Galveston), with an option to buy the Kansas City park for future expansion...
  4. Hyde

    Knott's Berry Farm - Afternoon in the Park

    I had the chance to swing by Knott's at the end of April while I was in town for a week-long conference. I was interested to make it back to Knott's after having not visited the park for 12 years (Sierra Sidewinder's opening season), as not only have there been new additions to the park, but...
  5. Hyde

    Bowling Green State University Launching Tourism Degree, Partnered with Cedar Fair

    So a cool news story a bit off the beaten path; Bowling Green State University is launching a Tourism Degree, which will be based out of their Fireland's branch campus in Sandusky, Ohio. The new degree will be a Bachelor's in Resort and Attraction Management, and will operate out of a new...
  6. Hyde

    Conversion vs. Conservation

    I applied to join a Facebook group the other day, which had a query for folks to join the group. (Rather draconian too, I might add) This series of questions had me revisit a question we've periodically asked over the last few years: while roller coaster conversions (aka RMC) breath new life...
  7. Hyde

    ElloCoaster Wooden Coaster Poll: Results now in

    For those of you missing the good old days of Mitch Hawker Polls - something comparable! ElloCoaster launched a Wooden Coaster Poll last year, which is back again for 2018. You can find all the details here: and the ballot here...
  8. Hyde

    Cold Weather Cable Lift Operation?

    So I was at Cedar Point this weekend, which was very cold, very wet, or very both. To the park’s credit, they worked to keep coasters online, despite literal concern of trains stopping on pre-lifts due to cold wheels (Gemini operators were encouraging guests to cheer trains to make it to the...
  9. Hyde

    Adventure to Michigan's Adventure

    Jessica and I headed up to Grand Haven, MI for Memorial Day weekend as a long weekend and fun celebration of our second wedding anniversary. Most of the weekend was dedicated to camping, hiking, and not getting run over by 35 ft. yachts while kayaking along Lake Michigan. All of it was a...
  10. Hyde

    Lakeside Amusement Park | unknown | Zyklon Galaxi

    Lakeside Amusement Park, a hidden gem in Denver, CO, is receiving a new roller coaster for the first time in nearly 30 years. The yet-to-be-named coaster is a relocated Zyklon Galaxi, which operated last season at Fun Plex in Omaha, NE as Big Ohhh! An interesting add, but definitely befitting...
  11. Hyde

    Three Days At Cedar Point or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love The Goon

    How did you spend your previous weekend? Wait in many lines? Wait in many lines for 8 hours? Day 1 It really is a bygone era of amusement parks when 4+ hours waits were the norm. We are so used to: 1. Small turnouts for openings or 2. Rides with massive capacity factors. Yet Cedar Point did...
  12. Hyde

    Worlds of Fun Announces 2018 Overbank Addition for Timber Wolf

    One of the last remaining Dinn Corp. roller coasters, Timber Wolf will be receiving some ongoing retracking work at Worlds of Fun for 2018, removing the 560 degree helix for a 70 degree "overbanked" turn. This is a part of a 3 year plan for replacing key sections of track to improve coaster...
  13. Hyde

    SFFT | Wonder Woman Golden Lasso | RMC Raptor

    Breaking Wonder Woman into her own thread as we have some more content to share on the ride's development. Ride stats: Length 1,800 ft Height 113 ft Drop 100 ft Inversions 3 Speed 52 mph Vertical Angle 90° There are some nice theme renderings for the ride as well - a fun juxtaposition versus...
  14. Hyde

    Cedar Point Extending Beach, Removing Stadium and Sandcastle Suites

    Straight from the horses mouth: Overall, a development I'm really looking forward to. The Beach has been very underutilized for too long.
  15. Hyde

    Top Thrill Dragster Closed after Brake Fin/Catch Car Collision

    Reports came in this weekend of Top Thrill Dragster (and a few other) coasters being down. While hopes were that repairs could get the behemoth back online by next weekend, we now have photos and news out that TTD may be down for the rest of the season due to a collision of the train catch car...
  16. Hyde

    Cedar Point Announces Cedar Creek Mystic Mine Ride for Halloweekends

    #WhatsInTheShed, Cedar Point style! New Ride name will be Cedar Creek Mystic Timbers Mine Ride, with lighting effect added to the transfer track shed before the lift hill. Personal bet? Some type of projector setup and possible lighting effect.
  17. Hyde

    Six Flags Mexico | Wonder Woman Coaster | S&S Free Spin

    The sixth S&S Free Spin to be added to the Six Flags park chain, this time en espanol! Same stats as before. 120 ft. tall, 1,000 ft. of track, etc.
  18. Hyde

    Cedar Point - 8/5 - "The List"

    Our visit had exactly one objective: ride as much **** as possible. Friends and family were in town, and wanting to get in their annual trip while riding as much as possible. To accomplish this, we sought out "The List", a not-so-secret strategy for tackling all of Cedar Point's 16 roller...
  19. Hyde

    Storm Chaser | Kalahari Sandusky | Interactive Water Slide

    Kalahari Indoor Waterpark in Sandusky, OH announced a new interactive water slide to debut Winter 2017. The water slide will feature an interactive "target" game, allowing riders to accrue scores. A unique tracking system will allow guests to continue building points throughout the day after...