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    Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park I Roaring Timbers | GCI Terrain Woodie | 2022

    So why does it look like the pillars from the first drop are right on the return sides track?
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    Fantawild Parks | China | Many Theme Parks

    Fascinating! Thanks for digging!
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    IAAPA 2021

    It might be I have had to much coffee ...but I totally read your post as that scene from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory- Wonka - (mumbling as he fixespapers) "We are getting an Intamin in 2024. Good Day." Us excitedly " oh what kind, whe---" Wonka quick about faces--
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    COTALAND | Palindrome | Gerstlauer Infinity Shuttle | 2022

    In another forum a week ago I posted about this thing going to Cotaland. It's still my strongest contender. There were two reasons felt strong about this- 1st. after an interview I heard - the PR person kept talking about their "new theme park" no details just kept saying it enough for me to...
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    Small News From The Theme Park Industry

    Hmmm but Wouldn't Chessington's rumored B&M launched flyer be the third one purchased by Merlin???
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    Conny-Land | Crazy Professor | RES Roller Ball | CANCELLED

    Uhhh what's the "flying style" coaster in that link???
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    Dollywood | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    Welcome to Tennessee!
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    The World of David Walliams is coming to Alton Towers

    Neat!! And would it be funny if that was the model for the new Jumangi dark ride car next to it!
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    Universal Studios Beijing | 2021

    So I have a weird theory universal made a deal with Mac waaaaaaayyy long ago for the ride system but to be used on the actual JW ride. ... but things weren't clicking with the mix of both the ride idea and the ride system, so they just moved it over as a suspended "kiddie" coaster for the area!
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    Injury on X-2 at Six Flags Magic Mountain

    Glad someone bumped this, cause I never thought I would see a day someone references Brian Donors in a coaster forum! Stupidly fun film!!!! :)
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    Dollywood | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    none taken @ none taken ! I was really just thinking out loud on this one! :) But let me clarify my silly theory a little , I wasn't meaning replace Blazing Fury, I do mean as the new coaster for the Grove area (they have had some dark rides in their customer surveys about the future of that...
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    Dollywood | Unknown | Unknown | 2023

    Ok hear me out!!! What if it's from RMC? I know I know - Lighting Rod! But, Herschend is rumored to be working with them right now on SDC Fire In The Hole Replacement. That is supposed to be a brand new RMC design of a powered FAMILY coaster. There were rumors of Dollywood getting a new dark...
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    Luna Park Sydney | New Area & Park Overhaul | 2021

    What and where is that? I like how you have to climb into it like a log flume!!! 😹
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    European theme park Flat ride help :)

    @Trax thats it!! Thank you !! Man I have spent days trying to recreate that rabbit hole of how I found it to no eval!
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    European theme park Flat ride help :)

    Howdy Fellow coaster fans, I see on here a lot of you folks are from Europe, so maybe you can help with a random ride find! I saw it on the manufacturers YouTube page years ago, but cannot for the life of me remember who that was or the name of the theme park! Uggg Ok so.... I am a sure it...
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    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    do we have final list of what rides are going ?
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    Universal Studios Beijing | 2021

    POV of Jurassic Flyers!
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    Jinan Sunac Theme Park | Jinan | Theme Park

    /\ what's the structure over the water in the 5th picture ?