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  1. coasterboy

    Planet Coaster (2016) Developed and released by Frontier Developments (developers for RCT3, ScreamRide and Zoo Tycoon for Xbox One), due for release in 2016 on PC.
  2. coasterboy

    Coaster Crazy (iOS game)

    Beta testers wanted for new Frontier roller coaster game ... ostcount=1 If anyone is interested....
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    INSIDIAN - Fear The Night

    "It came in the night, there was no way we could have prepared for it." "It showed no empathy as it tore through the town - planes, buildings, it didn't care. It couldn't care." "We hid in whatever was left, but it showed no mercy. Not to anyone." "It was aggravated, it's fury unstoppable...
  4. coasterboy

    Frontier developing new roller coaster game

    Tweeted by Frontier: But don't rule out RCT4 just yet - Frontier have only said that they aren't involved with a RCT project, maybe Atari are using another developer? Any thoughts on this?
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    Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - Unknown - WDW Magic Kingdom Thoughts on this?
  6. coasterboy

    RCT4 being considered All that really needs to be said TBH. Also, according to this website - ... ?read=6697 it could be released [if it does go ahead] late 2011
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    Saw 3D

    Anyone going to see it?
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    Wizarding World of Harry Potter Videos [Spoilers]

    Just found these on YouTube Flight of The Hippogriff ... re=channel Shops ... re=channel Ollivanders ... re=channel Forbidden Journey [SPOILERS and also bad...
  9. coasterboy

    New Thrill Ride for Cedar Point ... 054709.txt Well, here goes for another topic involving Aquatrax's. As usual...
  10. coasterboy

    Where did that come from?

    Just been onto RCDB and I found this - I know it isn't exactly a 500ft B&M Flyer, but did anyone else hear about this before?
  11. coasterboy

    RCT3 Windows 7?

    Will RCT3 work on Windows 7? I'v been thinking about getting the beta, but I want to know if RCT3 will work if I do download it...
  12. coasterboy

    Six Flags Mexico- The obvious has happened...

    Six Flags Mexico has been closed down until the current swine flu issue has been sorted. Pretty obvious it was going to happen though... ... e_business EDIT: Sorry! As it turns out, only the indoor attractions are closed but the rest of the park will...
  13. coasterboy

    New Robo-Coaster for Disney's Epcot? [sort of] ... -at-epcot/ I don't know if this means that Disney have found a way around Universal's Kuka contact or if 'Raytheon' are building it themselves, but at least epcot is getting a new ride.
  14. coasterboy

    Pizza Hut Bookings

    I'm planning on going to Pizza Hut with my friend on Wednesday [8th April] and I know that it can get very busy at lunchtime so I'm thinking about booking a table. Does anyone know if they charge to book a table? [It's just me and my friend and we're in the UK}
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    Water ride elements

    At the moment, I am trying to design a water ride for a project i'm doing at school. I want it to include elements like reversing sections, but i can't think of any other ones. Can someone help me out?
  16. coasterboy

    Ipod Touch or Sony X-Series?

    I've been saving up for a new MP3 player for a while but I'm not sure which one to get. I like the iPod Touch but I've also heard about the Sony X-Series. Which one?