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  1. Treeis

    Phantasialand trip report 29/10/12

    My family went on a holiday to Cologne, and I saw an opportunity to go to Phantasialand for the first time. It was a bit scary that I would be navigating another countries public transport on my own, but I made it work ok. I took the number 18 tram to a town called “Bruhl”, and from the tram...
  2. Treeis

    Drayton Manor day trip

    As a little experiment, I organised a trip with my friend to go to a theme park outside of London, which is usually tricky to do since we live in the London area. I worked out that I could get a daytrip on trains and buses to Drayton manor for a good price aswell. Since many of you have been...
  3. Treeis

    Roller coaster drought

    I have found myself in what I like to call a rollercoaster drought. Even though I call myself an enthusiast, subscribed to magazines and am on forums alot...I haven't been to a theme park in a good two years. (If you dont count that time I went to Disneyland paris last year). The reason I am...
  4. Treeis

    Treeis' Nolimits Thread

    I make quite a few nolimits coasters, and would like to share them with you guys as I go along. I thought that if I made a thread to put them all in, it would just tidy it up abit. Thanks, and stay tuned!
  5. Treeis

    The Experiment - Treeis Nolimits coaster

    So...yeah, I made a quick Nolimits coaster and thought I'd share it with you guys. Its a launched Eurofighter, 120ish ft, 63mph aprox. Enjoy, comment and rate! :) Download from one of these two sites. Im new with File sharing websites, so sorry if the rapidshare doesnt work...
  6. Treeis

    Cheeky intamin...

    So I was browsing the Intamin you do...and I noticed a picture of their suspended looping coasters... ... fault.aspx (The third picture) It was clearly made when Bolliger and Mabillard worked for Intamin, (like Shockwave). I have two...
  7. Treeis

    Roller coaster clubs

    I am a member of the ECC, and when I was re-doing my membership...I couldent help noticing the other rollercoster club, RCCGB. The only differences I can see between them is that RCCGB has a better website and ECC has a better magazine. But what are the other differences about the two clubs...
  8. Treeis

    Unique Nolimits sound experiance

    Im currently making a "unique sound experiance" for nolimits. I have the track already made, I just need to work a little more on the sounds. Stay tuned!
  9. Treeis

    Disneyland paris

    I went recently to Disneyland Paris with my school, and absalutely loved it. Never have I been to a theme park that has put so much money and effort into every single square meter of its land and rides. My school could only buy tickets to go into the main park, so me and my friend bought tickets...
  10. Treeis

    Non fanboy coaster opinions So I saw this, and it was interesting to see someone who wasnt a rollercoaster enthusiast's opinion on rides and rollercoasters. Perticulaly Terminator salvation, which she didnt like atall. *Sorry if this should be in an existing...