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  1. MestnyiGeroi

    Auschwitz and Energylandia?

    Before Covid hit, I was planning a trip to Poland (and other countries). Of course, I was planning to visit the two main amusement parks, and I was also looking to visit quite a few cultural sites, mostly in and around Krakow. As one does when planning such a trip, I was thinking of logical...
  2. MestnyiGeroi

    Does GPS/Satnav sometimes think you’re a park employee?

    I use the Googlemaps or Applemaps GPS on my phone to get to any amusement park I don’t know, and this works well nearly all of the time. But every once in a while, maybe for one out of every ten parks, GPS directs me not to the visitor parking lot, but to the entrance for the employee parking...
  3. MestnyiGeroi

    25-state, 40-park, month-and-a-half, post-pandemic extravaganza

    Nearly a year and a half of house confinement and I need a huge coaster trip like I need oxygen. And no three-park trip will do. This requires something a fair bit crazier. Something that terrifies my wallet but excites my heart. It requires a level of unbridled self-indulgence that would make...
  4. MestnyiGeroi

    Something appropriate this way slithers ...

    Can’t find a better place to post this, so I’ll put it here. My nephew is at Magic Mountain right now, and he just spotted this in front of VIPER!
  5. MestnyiGeroi

    Question about coaster size terms for non-U.S. American enthusiasts

    This is a basic subject, but I was debating this with someone recently and thought there’s no better place to get an answer than here. As is well known, the U.S. is one of the very last few holdout countries still using the imperial system of measurement. Partly in conjunction with Cedar Point...
  6. MestnyiGeroi

    Which US parks are currently requiring reservations?

    I have a massive summer road trip planned, and I'm feeling paranoid that some issue like reservations will disrupt my trip. But maybe CFers know off the tops of their heads: which of these parks is currently requiring a reservation to enter? Many thanks for any help. SFGAdv Dorney Hershey...
  7. MestnyiGeroi

    Scandia Screamer being moved to park outside of Dallas?

    Apparently, there’s an announcement from CoasterHub on Instagram, but as I don’t do IG, I’ve only heard this second hand. This would be great news. Can anyone confirm?
  8. MestnyiGeroi

    Coaster hair?

    Do you get coaster hair? After a full day riding coasters, my hair goes into a strange, wild state that I don’t get at any other time except after a full day at the beach. But I notice most people don’t get this. Do you get coaster hair??
  9. MestnyiGeroi

    Coaster with the strongest smell?

    Which coaster for you regularly has the strongest smell connected with it? For me, it’s Great Escape’s Comet, the lift hill on which has a strong smell of fresh grease (in a good, old-school sort of way, I’d say). Is there one that sticks out in your memory?
  10. MestnyiGeroi

    How strict is the new Do-Dodonpa age limit?

    The new age limit on Do-Dodonpa allegedly holds that riders must be under fifty. Does anyone know how strict they are about this? Do they really turn people away from the ride?
  11. MestnyiGeroi

    D’oh! Missed the single rider line?

    I may be dumber than the average bear, but I can think of three times that I visited a park solo and waited in a long line for a coaster, only to realize eventually that there was a single rider line. I did this for Pandemonium at SFoT, for Krake at Heide, and — most painful of all — for Condor...
  12. MestnyiGeroi

    Who has conquered the U.S.?

    I’m sure this had been discussed on this forum before, but I don’t recall seeing it in the years I’ve been here, so ... Coaster-count says there are currently 767 operating coasters in the United States. I’m just a mid-level enthusiast in terms of experience, but apparently I’ve ridden 430 of...
  13. MestnyiGeroi

    Could we ever see real coaster enthusiast shorts?

    Do you think we'll ever see shorts marketed especially to coaster or amusement park enthusiasts on the market? By this I mean shorts that are quick drying, shorts that have at least two decently sized, zippable pockets, pockets that are lined inside so as to be waterproof. Shorts like this...
  14. MestnyiGeroi

    Coasters for which the queue is better than the ride?

    What would be your top picks for examples of coasters for which the queue is a better experience than the ride itself? Wodan? Jaguar? Maximus’ Blitz Bahn? Dragon Mountain? Xpress: Platform 13? Others?
  15. MestnyiGeroi

    Longest walkway to a station you have experienced?

    What is the longest walkway you have experienced to get to a coaster station? I am talking about a path that exclusively leads to that one coaster -- it's part of the ride's complex -- typically with railings, fences, hedges or walls on either side. So, this is when you enter what you think is...
  16. MestnyiGeroi

    Two questions about CF Platinum Passes

    1. I know that Cedar Fair Platinum Passes are normally non-refundable, but is there a policy exception in place for this corona-stricken season? Can I get a refund? 2. When does a Platinum Pass kick into effect? Is it a year from the point of purchase? Is it a year from the moment it is...
  17. MestnyiGeroi

    Alabama’s Rampage and Wales’ Megafobia

    The layout of Alabama’s Rampage was said to be modeled after Oakwood’s Megafobia. But while I’ve always heard high praise for Megafobia, people *really* rave about Rampage, so it’s a little bit of a puzzler to think the one was modeled on the other — and I don’t know if the word “clone” is...
  18. MestnyiGeroi

    Spotify Coaster Soundtrack Playlist

    If this coaster season happens, I’ll have an enthusiast friend from another country visit for a coaster road trip around the States. I thought it would be goofy-fun to make a coaster soundtrack playlist to play while driving. I’m assembling the playlist on Spotify, to which I’m actually new but...
  19. MestnyiGeroi

    Your favorite coaster for ejector/flojector/floater?

    If you had to divide your favorite airtime moments into separate types, which coaster for you gives the best ejector air, which gives the best flojector air, and which gives the best floater air? For me, it’s El Toro for ejector, Ravine Flyer II for flojector, and Behemoth for floater.
  20. MestnyiGeroi

    Personal set completion to-do lists?

    Do you have any personal coaster sets that you set out to complete and completed, or that you still have as a long-term goal? I don’t mean a set you happened to complete along the way, going about your regular business as a coaster goon. I mean something you set for yourself far in advance as a...