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  1. b&mfanboy123

    Should I Hold a Competition

    U mm, hi there to all reading this. I was going through the parkitect sim thread, and I saw Hyde's comment about hosting a competition, and that got me thinking what if we had a No Limits or Planet Coaster competition here on Coaster Force? I mean it wouldn't be anything to over the top, and...
  2. b&mfanboy123

    Biggest Disappointment...

    Here is the thread where you can rave about the ride which you thought would be amazing, but dropped it hard. Sorry if this is a thread. If so then take it down Enjoy!
  3. b&mfanboy123

    What new models should manufacturers make?

    We live in a world where there are a variety of manufacturers making amazing roller coasters, but there is always something new that we can make! What are your ideas? Here are some of mine... Wooden Inverted Coaster - By Gravity Group B&m coasters that use a lap bar to go upside down An Intamin...
  4. P

    Energylandia | Zadra | RMC I-Box

    After todays press conference we know that wooden Coaster will be opened in 2020 with the new theme zone Beyond wooden coaster there will be few more attractions like small railway and good themed dark ride. Most Important part of press conference
  5. b&mfanboy123

    What would your five year plan be for a park/chain?

    Have fun? The years are 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024
  6. b&mfanboy123

    CoasterForce Tickets Poll?

    So considering how everyone complains about the Golden Tickets I believe that we should make our own poll! Titles Best Park Best New Ride Best Themed Park Best Manufacturer Top 50 Steel Top 50 wood But I would like some ideas on how to make the polling system. I would like to take in ideas and...
  7. b&mfanboy123

    Old B&M vs Middle b&m vs New B&M

    Which era or b&ms was the best rank them! Old Before 2000 Intense rides, Smooth and very awesome! Notable Rides - Montu, Kumba, Apollo's Chariot, Nemesis, Hulk, DC, Batman the Ride, Raptor, Afterburn, Pyrenees, Alpengeist, Oblivion, Riddler's Revenge Bad Rides: Any stand-ups Middle - 2000-2010...
  8. b&mfanboy123

    What roller coasters does Six Flags need to give to their Parks?

    Hope you like the clickbait title.;) But if you could give each Six Flags Park a roller coaster what would it be? Also it would be nice if you told us the layout and theme but thats optional HAVE FUN!
  9. b&mfanboy123

    What do you look for in an Elite Park?

    What makes a park elite for you? Is it the Top 3 Is it the theming? What about the overall atmosphere? And sorry if this is already a thread, apologies to the maker then
  10. b&mfanboy123

    Parks that are in decline

    Even in a period of growth and prosperity for theme parks, Every now and then a big park suffers a year in decline which can hurt the exciting new attractions and current attractions that are there, I would say Seaworld but they have posted some growth recently What are some parks that are...
  11. b&mfanboy123

    Review a random Roller Coaster

    Review a ride and then complain about why someone ranks Montu to low Don't question it.
  12. cjbrandy

    Rank the Intamin Launch Coasters

    My gaming laptop arrived today, cant wait to use it! Its currently installing windows 10 which is taking forever so I thought I'd pass the time by making this little topic for discussion. What do you think is the best Intamin launch coaster? It doesn't have to be one you've ridden. My favourite...
  13. b&mfanboy123

    Make Your 2019 Six Flags Predictions!

    Announcements are right around the corner to make your Six Flags 2019 Predictions down below!
  14. b&mfanboy123

    Is Seaworld Dying?

    We all know that the Seaworld chain has been in financial turmoil for the last few years. While much of this has been accredited to the Blackfish Documentary by CNN, Seaworld parks are feeling the ripple effects as attendance at SeaWorld parks overall went from 28 million a year in 2016 to 22.5...