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  1. Imagineer Josh

    BGW 2020 Leak?

    I didn't post this in Roller Coaster Construction, because of last time, but I found this today. Check out @AmusementLeaks’s Tweet: Thoughts?
  2. Imagineer Josh

    Six Flags Over Texas | Wonder Woman Lasso Of Truth | Skywarp

    So it was leaked today that Six Flags Over Texas is indeed getting a Skywarp... To be honest I'm not surprised. That area of the park is getting sooo much expansion, why stop with Harley Quinn?
  3. Imagineer Josh

    How To Ride Kiddie Coasters With Adult Rules?

    Hey everyone, I've been looking through, and I've seen a lot of adult enthusiasts have kiddie coaster credits with adult rules such as Magic Flyer at SFMM and Little Titans at Mt. Olympus. So I decided to create a thread regarding the question. How do all of you manage to...
  4. Imagineer Josh

    The Imagineer Josh 2018 Trip Report Thread

    Welcome to Imagineer Josh's 2018 Mega-Thread of Trip Reports from this year! The goal here is to write the most interesting and humorous trip reports this side of the forum. As a lot of enthusiasts, I'm a credit whore, so you'll see a lot of little stops along the thread as the year goes along...
  5. Imagineer Josh

    My personal year in review

    I know I'm a day late with this, but I always look to spend quality time with my family; that was last night. New Years Eve was great for me. But still; enjoy! Welcome, all my fans and friends, to my official year in review! For my year in review, I’m going to include all my favorite and least...
  6. Imagineer Josh

    Kings Island Giga Coaster

    Okay, let's be honest; this rumor has become more and more likely. The rumor has been around for a while, and we've gotten more evidence. That new writing in Mystic Timbers' queue saying 'giga' isn't why I created this, although it did make me realize something. Dinosaurs Alive is being...
  7. Imagineer Josh

    Best place to live in the midwest for theme parks

    When I ask this, I'm not just talking about one or two theme parks; I'm thinking about a place that has multiple parks nearby, and good parks as well. I'm thinking of keeping it Midwestern, since that's where our family is looking. Any ideas?
  8. Imagineer Josh

    Kennywood's Rumored RMC???

    EDIT: Can a staff member move this thread to the News & Rumours sub-forum? So, all the talk back in September-October was the rumored RMC for Kennywood. We've gotten some more news recently On the comments of Coaster Studios' Kennywood post, there's talk about him being asked to take down...
  9. Imagineer Josh

    Memorial Weekend Madness 2K17 - Kentucky Kingdom and Holiday World

    Hello everyone. I'm back with yet another trip report, this one from this past weekend. I had some interesting experiences at these two parks. Enjoy! Kentucky Kingdom, Day 1 - May 27th, 2017 So the first day wasn't that good. We only got on Lightning Run, and it rained on and off. However, at...
  10. Imagineer Josh

    Dollywood, Spring Break 2017

    Okay everyone. This was posted a lot sooner than I thought. I literally was just at the park yesterday! (Well that happens when a park closes at 7:00) Let's get started! Dollywood overall was a phenomenal park, the best I've been two. Great staff, extremely fast operations, and there's not a...
  11. Imagineer Josh

    Lost Island Theme Park | Iowa | 2022 (Kanonen relocation)

    Well "leaky" what we have here. To seek out some more information, I decided to ask Interlink (used ride online store) about it, and what could they have said? Look at Interlink - It's at the very bottom as "Hydraulic Family Launch Coaster" Let the...
  12. Imagineer Josh

    Dollywood Spring Break 2017

    I'm starting to plan my next theme park trip, which will be Dollywood over my Spring Break in 2017. I have a few questions What is the best hotel to stay at? I know that the TimeSaver Pass is only like $30, but would it be necessary during the last week of March going into April? For sure...
  13. Imagineer Josh

    Worst Amusement Park Accidents

    There have been a lot. Which ones do you think are the worst? My personal opinion on the worst is still the one from Batman at SFOG (But I love that coaster, rode it backwards) ... newssearch
  14. Imagineer Josh

    IJ's Amusement Adventures 2016

    I've gotten a lot of help for this, I've finalized my plans, and I'm ready. Let's get this started! JOSH'S AMUSEMENT ADVENTURES So the first day, we got into Cedar Point late. And I MEAN late! Finally, after a long afternoon of driving and slowest service at a Culver's restaurant in the US...
  15. Imagineer Josh

    Making Trip Reports

    I have seen lots of people make trip reports. They are really good, have awesome photos, etc How does one make a good trip report? Are they a lot of things I should keep in mind when I visit a park?