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    Nitefly’s Neapolitan Adventures (Chapters 1-3)

    Ahoy, weary traveller. I’ve recently visited a couple of parks, with another trip upcoming at the end of this month. These parks are not *fresh* experiences and I’m quite conscious of repetition from other reports. At the very least, these trips don’t feel like they each warrant their own...
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    Are ‘alpine coasters’ a bit ****?

    …I sort of feel like they are, typically: very low / mild thrills, located in the arse end of nowhere, trolololol expensive (comparatively) and also feature lift hills so slow that they make Steel Curtain blush. Put it this way, if we included them in ‘coaster rankings’, would any get placed...
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    Nitefly is a sucker for an unexpected dino at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (and more!)

    As a polite warning, this blog contains shocking levels of self-indulgence and crude language. For those that nevertheless dare to ride, hang on to your bums… because it’s about to get spicy. ********* We were somewhere around West Bromwich on the edge of the Birmingham when the best hook in...
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    Oblivion - Misleading “Drop” Stats?

    I’m calling shenanigans on this blurb from Alton Towers, beyond the fact that it’s obviously not entirely “straight down”. I have long peered into that hole when the mist effect is light and thought “…it doesn’t look that tall”, but having thought about it a little more, I’m convinced we have...
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    Mrs. Nitefly says "OWW!" loudly at Thorpe Park (and more!)

    Hello - first, a quick link to a young YouTuber's charity effort to ride Tidal Wave all day, which I thought was quite noble. If you take any enjoyment from this blog, like Thorpe Park or are just feeling generous, please show kindness and donate an affordable sum (to any charitable cause of...
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    Thorpe Park | Black Mirror | Glorified mirror maze

    Apparently opening this week. Anyone making the effort to attend? Could be good if done well. It’s a critically acclaimed IP and I think it would be frowned upon by the IP owners if Thorpe mess it up.
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    Nitefly fears for his life at Paultons Park (and more!)

    **Usual warnings of self-indulgence and language** Whenever I think of Paultons, I think of this disturbing advert from my childhood. My impression was that the park was so bad they had to use CGI to make the paid actors look happy. As such, I certainly never asked my parents to take me...
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    Nitefly has a bad battered sausage at Chessington (and more!)

    Hello. To joyously celebrate the bank holiday weekend / distract ourselves from the crippling pain of existence, my wife and I opted to spend a day at Chessington: World of Adventures. As a polite heads-up, this very long and self-important trip report does contain some infrequent 'spicy...
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    Nitefly eats too much at Alton Towers (and more!)

    Just back from a two day trip at ‘The Towers’. The thread title reflects the aftermath, as I’m currently lying on my bed in a sad, fat man carb-coma from abusing the freestyle machines, hogs roasts and churros. But, aside from my gastronomic regret, I had a rather swell time. As has been a long...
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    Nitefly does Europe

    Hello. I flew into Germany today via a Greek Island to commence a coaster quest. It was very exciting because this was the plane, which was very unexpected: Upon seeing the plane I did a backflip to celebrate and promptly boarded. When I arrived in Germany everything was minimalistic and...
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    The Most Awesome Book

    Hello So... I’m a fairly new member of this community having been spurred on by an exciting holiday I have planned visiting theme parks. Coasters have now become my ‘go to’ source of excitement... but this was also the case many moons ago back in the 90s. I recall owning an AWESOME book full of...
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    “Warming up throughout the day” - a myth?

    Hello! It seems to be a pretty robust consensus that roller coasters “warm up” throughout the day and that they somehow become faster still right through until night, when they run “the fastest”. I really can’t get my head around how this works and I suspect it is mostly, or at least...
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    Flash Pass - Six Flags Great Adventure

    Hello - being domiciled in the UK, is it actually possible to get a flash pass at six flags? The SFGA website says you need a valid driving licence or state ID etc... no mention of passport, so not sure how accommodating that is for the international tourist (with a 'crummy UK driving licence')...