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  1. Rupert

    BGW Indoor Roller Coaster 2023?

  2. Rupert

    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

    Looks immense, would love one of those in Europe (though not sure where would get one other than Energylandia…).
  3. Rupert

    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    Is this confirmed? I had thought all ‘surf coaster’ rumours were just that - entirely rumours.
  4. Rupert

    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    Completely!!! I’d definitely say the same about RMCs (eg I think whilst Steel Vengeance is astonishingly good, Wicked Cyclone is a completely average coaster) or Intamin hypers (EGF amazing, but I don’t rate Goliath) or Mack launches (Helix is unbelievable, Blue Fire is fine). But I don’t think...
  5. Rupert

    Sun World Hon Thom Nature Park I Roaring Timbers | GCI Terrain Woodie | 2022

    I know the focus is on the amazing-looking coaster, but can we have a minute to discuss the ridiculous cable car in the distance? Absolutely enormous concrete support towers with crazy distances and cable sag between them!
  6. Rupert

    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    Is there really a bad hyper though? Raging Bull comes up sometimes but otherwise the conventional airtime hypers are all highly ranked. I can’t see any scenario where Thorpe build one and it isn’t well-received. As I and many others have said I really hope this will be a hyper over any other...
  7. Rupert

    Vekoma New-Gen Coasters Discussion Thread

    It’s like New Vekoma are redeeming themselves for everything Old Vekoma built. Old sit-down design rubbish, check out Lech Coaster! Old SLC design rubbish, check out Hals-über-Kopf! Old Flying Dutchman design rubbish, check out F.L.Y.! Old boomerang design rubbish, check out this outrageous...
  8. Rupert

    IAAPA 2021

    If the map has any basis in reality, the red X is almost directly over the world-class Monterey Bay Aquarium. It’s not inconceivable that they’d get a dark ride, and ‘monsterous adventure’ could relate to sea monsters? But they’re quite short on space from what I remember, and the map could be...
  9. Rupert

    Knotts Berry Farm 2023

    I completely agree with this and it’s always depressing to see park expansions etc shut down as a result. I just think there’s a pretty big difference between building something like Hangtime and a giga that would be literally double the height and with a much larger footprint - the impact on...
  10. Rupert

    Knotts Berry Farm 2023

    It just seems crazy to me (as a Brit) that they would ever get permission to build a 300 ft coaster in what is effectively a residential suburb of a big city. Sure there is a car park to build over but then across the road are plenty of homes, and a giga coaster is about as intrusive on the...
  11. Rupert

    Ride to Happiness VS Kondaa - some thoughts

    Awesome - thanks for this, great to hear your thoughts. I’m hoping to book a trip for next March with some non-enthusiast friends and will likely only do one of these parks (I’ve not been to either) but I think you’ve persuaded me to go to Plopsa as RtH just sounds so ridiculous!
  12. Rupert

    Site Layout | Random

    It’s never been a big enough issue for me to post about it, but now this thread exists :D - every few weeks my background choice resets itself and I end up PMBO. I wouldn’t mind so much but it’s potentially the worst coaster in Europe😛 Any idea what’s causing the reset? I’m not changing cookies...
  13. Rupert

    Vekoma testing something new ? (at their testing facility)

    Thanks for the continued updates! Is this definitely a new coaster concept/test build? Or could it just be storage for coaster parts for a new normal coaster before it is shipped somewhere?
  14. Rupert

    Six Flags to close 15 rides in the chain after 2020

    Not sure it could be any rougher even with the piece if rail removed 😛 Seriously though hope it stays, it’s a hell of an experience even with the rough trains. Also there’s no way they’d be that precise if it was being scrapped, or even relocated to be honest.
  15. Rupert

    Liseberg new coaster 2023?

    Thanks for sharing the info! I’d be a bit gutted if the great old-school flume went (great interaction with Helix and Lisebergbanan), but the idea of a Liseberg version of Chiapas could be incredible…
  16. Rupert

    SFMM | Wonder Woman Flight of Courage | RMC Raptor | 2022

    Noooooo! I know it’s subjective but I always prefer it when coasters have trees around them. Especially at Six Flags parks when there is always big expanses of concrete around! This will obviously be a great coaster but also well played to SF for a really decent animation/video. Nice to see all...
  17. Rupert

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Nice one thanks! Ridiculously I’ve not made it into Bruhl despite the castle being a World Heritage site - will definitely combine the two next trip!
  18. Rupert

    Suzhou Paradise Forest World | Suzhou China | Theme Park

    Will this also be the longest zero-G roll ever built?
  19. Rupert

    Phantasialand | F. L. Y. | Vekoma Launched Flying Coaster | 2020

    Mind if I ask where you go? Often it’s nice to have a break from the hotels especially if there for more than one night, nice as they are.
  20. Rupert

    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    Oh come on. Merlin don’t give a **** about ‘angering’ Blackpool or about what Blackpool claim, not least because the Big One’s height claim is false/uses height above sea level, but also because they are competing businesses and don’t care about hurt feelings at a rival company. If Merlin accept...