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  1. Intricks

    Vortex is leaving Kings Island

    In a surprisingly late night/early morning post to their Facebook Page - King's Island has announced that Vortex, the multi-inversion Arrow Looper, will be closing October 27th of this season. Wasn't all too sure where to post this, but this is a surprise to me as this is pretty late in the...
  2. Intricks

    Knott's Berry Farm | HangTime | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Well this came out of absolutely nowhere. They are getting a Gerstlauer Infinity coaster that will stand at 150ft tall, have a 96 degree drop and house 5 inversions. Beyond the RMC's, this literally was the last thing anyone probably thought Knotts was going to receive.
  3. Intricks

    Busch Gardens Williamsburg | Pantheon | Intamin LSM Coaster | 2022

    Busch Gardens have submitted plans for the construction of an attraction at 315ft tall. If approved, they have 36 months to begin construction if the attraction or the permit is revoked. Some stipulations for this is the paint job over 60ft must be muted in color, no lights after 60ft, and any...
  4. Intricks

    Whirligig Woods - Family Amusement Park and Treehouse Resort

    An interesting news story that popped up on my Facebook page today coming out of North Carolina. As the video goes, a world famous Theme Park Designer (Bob Baranick?) who is credited to have worked on many Disney Projects (they mention Land, World and Paris, and show a photo of Indiana Jones...
  5. Intricks

    SFMM Leak for 2016

    Even MOAR LEAKS ARE APPEARING! The Mountain of supposed Magical times is recieving 3 new rides for the 2016 season. Hyperdrive, the worlds first electrical themed ride and their 20th "coaster" (larson looper), Flying Eagles (is this the first set of flyers being introduced inside a SF park? I...
  6. Intricks

    Six Flags Great America tease for 2016

    So Six Flags Great America have produced a teaser and holy crap is it making people worried. The teaser is about a minute long, and it shows American Eagle doused in purple lighting before going to static and then jumping to a light signal at the end that shows Coming Soon in the sky flashing...
  7. Intricks

    Kentucky Kingdom | Storm Chaser | RMC Conversion

    Coming next season will be Kentucky Kingdoms 5th new coaster, Storm Chaser. Standing at 100ft tall, thw ride features a rolling drop like Steel Medusa, a 140° stall, several airtime moments and a corked roll. It looks hella intriguing, but only looks to be half of a full ride. Is the other...
  8. Intricks

    Adventureland, Iowa | The Monster | Gerstlauer Infinity

    Seems like a new coaster is coming to Iowa. Announced via their Facebook page, The monster will take over the current spot of their Log Flume. Current stats are: - 2500ft of track - 133ft Vertical Lift followed by a 101° drop - 5 "Inversions" (there are a definite two, but the other 3 are...
  9. Intricks

    SeaWorld Orlando | Mako | B&M Hyper Coaster

    Supposedly, SeaWorld Orlando may be the next park to recieve either a B&M Hyper or Giga coaster here in the states. This rumor has come from a handful of noted insiders on the Orlando United and WDWMagic forums and is said to load over by Shark Encounted and go near Kraken following the road...
  10. Intricks

    Travel Channel Star

    It seems as though the Travel Channel is trying to find the "Next Big Star" and is housing an online audition competition in order to find him or her. Now, while this would normally be off the site, I find it interesting that an enthusiast is trying out for this. Titled "Thoosie on the Loose"...
  11. Intricks

    Dollywood | Lightning Rod | Launched RMC

    Unfortunately I am mobile at the moment (being just OH SO productive at work), so I cant upload the actual teaser, but as reported by screamscape, Dollywood is taking the wheel of their additions, and pushing the pedal to the metal for 2016. The video is a short clip, but features the rear end...
  12. Intricks

    RMC "ask me anything" on Facebook produced some answers

    IMG][/IMG] RMC had hosted another AMA on their facebook page, and someone finally asked a topic that had popped up here: Did Six Flags have a contract with RMC for exclusive use of their Ibox system. The answer is...
  13. Intricks

    ZDT's Amusement | Switchback | Gravity Group Shuttle Coaster

    Coming to ZDT's in 2015 - Switchback! Inspired by the first roller coaster in America, Switchback Railway at Coney Island, ZDT's Switchback will be the only wooden shuttle coaster in the world! Designed by Gravity Group, this EXTREME family coaster will take a 64 ft over-hill initial drop...
  14. Intricks

    Ninja at Six Flags Magic Mountain Derails

    This popped up on my news feed, but Ninja at SFMM has derailed and struck a tree. They are currently rescuing stranded riders. Edit: 4 injured. Source
  15. Intricks

    Six Flags Magic Mountain | Twisted Colossus | RMC Iron Horse

    Thanks to Knotts network over on Twitter, an image has been posted confirming that the King of Wooden Coasters will send its last ride on August 16th. Is this the start of the rumored RMC conversion? Edit: Of course typing on my phone WOULD result in a spelling error in my title -,-'''
  16. Intricks

    Kentucky Kingdom | Lightning Run | Chance Rides Hyper GT-X

    I guess they are getting the Hyper-Lite concept, but only it doesnt look as lame or as boring. It was supposed to be announced Sunday, but they put the page live on their website. Edited the topic title to add name, manufacturer and type to fit our standard format. - ECG
  17. Intricks

    Six Flags Fiesta Texas?

    So GCI uploaded a video back in February of Ryes Airplane coaster. While I nornally wouldnt make anything of it, the background that is normally just a generic background, is something very different. At the top of tthe lift, you can makeout a certain Six Flags coasters first drop. Possible...
  18. Intricks

    Le Monstre getting new trains

    According to the PTC website, Le Monstre will be getting two new trains from them.
  19. Intricks

    Batman in Reverse

    Remember that rumor about Six Flags St. Louis doing some testing on the last two cars on Batman being reversed? Well, apparently this is actually happening up at Six Flags Great America for during their opening weekend for a limited time. Link to the picture on someones Twitter account...
  20. Intricks

    Intricks RCT3 Doodads and crafts

    I'll start off this topic with a few pics of something large I am doing that may or may not see proper fruition in the end. It's titled Mill's Grove, so don't get your hopes up too much for this to play out all the way to the end. Ticket Booths Midway Entry spot My attempt at a carousel...