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    Squid Game: The Ride

    Hey guys, this is something I've recently completed. Themed to the hit series Squid Game, this is a dark ride / coaster which takes riders through the 6 deadly games.
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    Coasters or rides with two very different halves.

    I wasnt quite sure how to word the title, but posting in the 'marmite coasters' thread got me thinking about rides which are half bad and half great. What rides have the biggest variation in quality over their own ride duration? The ride that comes to mind for me is Saw The Ride at Thorpe Park...
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    The Rig - oil rig theme park.

    The Rig - oil rig theme park with 2 coasters and a dark ride, all set within a 15 x 15 grid!
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    Spectre: Phantom Factory (dark ride)

    Spectre: Phantom Factory - The year is 1899 and 'The Seance Society' have prepared a live demonstration is taking place at the most haunted building in the world, the Adams Mechnical Factory. The Factory was owned by landowner George Adams, whose meddling in witchcraft and the the occult made...
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    Metropolis 1899 - retro sci-fi/steampunk park

    Hi guys, This is a project I've been working on for absolutely ages, on and off. The theme is a towering city as imagined by sci fi writers of the 1800's. Before anyone asks, it was started before FLY at Phantasialand opened ;) This is still work in progress, and the whole park is big in...
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    What is the most 'average' Six Flags park?

    I have never been to a Six Flags park in my life. I live in the UK and these parks have always seemed quite far away. Whenever I hear about these parks and their rides I often get confused about which is which. How many Batman: The Rides can there be? How many of them are Inverted Coasters and...