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  1. Efan

    Munich Looping Hamburg DOM

    What the title says. I'm going to Hamburg in Summer and hoping to catch the DOM and I wanted to know if the Munich Looping is going to be there/was there in Spring.
  2. Efan

    Yanny or Laurel?

    We all knew it would happen at some point.
  3. Efan

    Most Obscure Coaster you've ridden

    My most obscure is definitely the Green Dragon Coaster at that park in North Wales, world's only people-powered coaster! How about you?
  4. Efan

    Sleep Paralysis

    Ok, ok, boring topic I know, but recently I've been thinking about it a lot. Have any of you ever experienced sleep paralysis? It's only happened to me once, a few years ago. I woke up to what sounded like loud bangs and gunfire, and I was trapped under one of those wooden military cover boards...
  5. Efan

    Times a coaster stalled/broke down while you were on it?

    I hope this hasn't been done recently, a quick search didn't show any results. This thread is inspired by my visit to Alton a few years ago. I was on Rita, and just before the launch, the coaster broke down (obviously, it's an Intamin). I was sitting in anticipation for about half an hour...