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    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    Volare. I have insider knowledge that it's a Volare.
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    Squid Game: The Ride

    Hey guys, this is something I've recently completed. Themed to the hit series Squid Game, this is a dark ride / coaster which takes riders through the 6 deadly games.
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    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    It feels like a bit of a self-feeding monster. It sounds like a hyper is a strong rumour, but I think that's because enough people are saying it and discussing it, but it's unclear exactly where it started. The more people say it, the stronger it becomes, but it doesn't mean the starting point...
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    Thorpe Park 2024 - new coaster?

    I am still struggling to work out on what basis everyone has concluded it's a hyper coaster, or even anything specific at all, as aren't all these rumours just "he said shee said" heresay?
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    Parks you can't be arsed with

    I'm sure if I lived near it I'd feel different, but I live in Bournemouth on the South Coast, so it's a long way to go to a park. Whilst in the same country, it takes me less time and less money to reach Efteling and Phantasialand (albeit not during Covid). My big fear is that I'll go there and...
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    Parks you absolutely CAN be arsed with

    Many, at least in pre-Covid times: - Efteling - my favourite park. Pre-Covid I would go there once a year. I find it to be worth the effort to get there. Great rides and great atmosphere. - Phantasialand - some phenomenal rides and great levels of immersion. - Alton Towers - Massive faff to get...
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    Parks you can't be arsed with

    Probably my most controversial one is Blackpool Pleasure Beach. It's 6-7 hours drive or train for me to get there. I want to go on the historic rides there, but have yet to muster up the time or money to get there. To make the most of it would cost £100s and I'd have to book off time from work...
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    Parks you've done that were difficult to get to

    Hard: Alton Towers: As noted above, surprisingly difficult for such a big park. It's hard enough driving, but public transport is something else! Europa Park: For such a big park the transport links are quite poor really. Ringsheim is a pokey station to have to use. Getting there is an...
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    Rank the Thorpe Park coasters

    1. Stealth - it goes fast...and I like that. Simple pleasures. 2. Nemesis Inferno - a smooth and intense ride which has grown on me. 3. The Swarm - close behind Inferno, it's a great ride, but it lacks the chaos of Inferno. 4. The Walking Dead - I enjoy this a lot actually. It's fun and quite...
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    Rides You Can No Longer Handle?

    My tolerance for G forces has decreased for certain. I still love the rides, but I do find that there are many rides I have to be careful with and pick my times to ride carefully: - Nemesis - Nemesis Inferno - The Swarm (have felt sick after doing this twice in a row...which I regret) - Saw -...
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    Construction/Teasing @ Worlds of Fun

    What an absolutely shocking turn of events...
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    Rank the Alton Towers coasters

    Agreed, I love Oblivion. It is a simple pleasure, but I love the drop amd it makes me nervous too.
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    The Rig - A roller coaster on an offshore oil rig?

    Spookily enough I actually did design a Planet Coaster project called "The Rig", set on an oil rig about 8 months ago!
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    Common theme park tropes that you aren't a fan of

    I agree with Gavin's new recruit storyline, that one is very tired. Also I'm in agreement with pop music in theme parks, I much prefer attraction or theme specific music.
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    Rides at Your Local Park You Always Try to Ride?

    I'll ignore the obvious ones which I have to do at Thorpe Park (Nemesis Inferno, The Swarm, Stealth) and say that I love The Walking Dead The Ride and try to ride ot every time.
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    Major Rides At Your Local Park You Always Skip?

    Thorpe Park: Saw and Colossus. Have ridden both, but find the resulting headache / nausea spoils the day. I'd rather just ride Stealth 3 times instead.
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    Favourite theme park entrance experience?

    Good idea Best: Efteling - the Huis de Vijf Zintuigen building is incredible and is made better as it opens out onto Fata Morgana across the lake. Disneyland Paris - essentially same reasons as you gave above for Magic Kingdom. Worst: Chessington World of Adventures - I don't dislike the...
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    As the predicted queue line ever been wrong and it's taken longer than the expected time ?

    Yes, frequently, because it takes a while to update things. If loads of people join a 45 min queue at one time, then the time won't update until a bit later.
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    What are your thoughts on going backwards on coasters?

    I don't mind short bursts of it. I can easily tolerate rides like Expedition Everest, Revenge of the Mummy and Th13teen. However, larger sections make me feel rough. EuroMir at Europa Park I did not enjoy, and even Vekoma Junior boomerangs start to make me feel a bit dodgy, but I'd still ride...